7 Effective Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass

7 Effective Tips for Gaining Muscle MassThere are several tips for gaining muscle mass that you should know. You can learn more about our best tips here.

According to one study, about 18% of people consistently go to the gym.

If you’re part of that percentage that always goes to the gym, gaining muscle mass is likely a priority.

When you hit a plateau despite still putting in the work, you may be wondering why you haven’t seen any results lately. No worries, I’m here to help!

If you’re familiar with my work, then you know I’m a research geek on longevity, health, nutrition, emotional eating and working out.

So I decided to gather together my favorite tips for gaining muscle mass – learned from a range of research studies – and from my favorite trainers throughout the years – including Michael Matthews who’s founder of Legion Athletics.

7 Effective Tips For Gaining Muscle Mass

Learn how to gain muscle and break free from any plateaus. Read on…

1. Work Out the Right Muscles, The Right Way

When you make it to the gym, make sure that you try and work out your bigger muscles.

If you’re new to working out, all of your workouts will feel intense and difficult. But if you’re not a newcomer, now you’re at a point where you can start building the bigger groups of muscles.

Some large muscle groups include things like your chest, back, and legs.

To work out these, you can do some of these exercises:

  • Deadlifts
  • Pullups
  • Bent-over rows
  • Bench presses
  • Dips
  • Military presses
  • Squats

When you do these, do two or three sets, with either eight or twelve repetitions.

In between sets, you should rest at least 60 seconds. That way your heart rate won’t drop too much, but you can give your muscles a quick rest.

This number of reps will allow your muscles to grow quickly.

If you need extra motivation and helpful direction, I recommend trying one of the awesome virtual coaches at Legion Athletics. 

2. Train at High Volume and Medium Intensity

When you train, you should make sure you have a good mixture of high volume and only medium intensity.

The volume is how many sets and repetitions you do, and the intensity refers to which weight you decide to choose.

As you do these repetitions and sets, lactic acid will cause a burning sensation in your muscles. When you have this, it will start helping your muscles grow.

3. Eat Every Three Hours

To gain muscle mass, make sure that you eat food every three hours.

As long as you eat the right thing at the perfect time, you may be able to help boost your muscle mass gains.

You can do this by making sure that you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. However, you should also add in eating a little healthful food or drinking protein smoothies in between meals.

For example, you may want to include eating/drinking something healthful …

  • right after your workout
  • before you go to bed

And try ..

  • a small healthful snack in between other meals throughout the day

If you make sure that you eat enough healthful food, you’re less likely to feel hungry throughout the day. And if you eat multiple smaller healthful meals each day, it can shrink your stomach size, and you’ll feel less hungry. This will eventually help your waist size get smaller as well.

If you go through long periods each day where you don’t eat, you’re more likely to overeat crappy foods when you do come to one of your three big meals. Eating every three hours is the best way to stop cravings and food binging.

4. Eat a Lot of Protein

If you’re trying to grow your muscles, make sure that you eat a lot of protein. You need it to maintain and build the muscle.

Try eating 1 gram of protein per 454 grams of your body weight.

Several food groups can provide you with the protein you need, including:

  • Chicken
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Lentils
  • Tofu
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Whey
  • Turkey
  • Nuts

Any of these foods (and more) will help make sure that you get your protein intake. Plus you should explore Bulk Nutrients protein powder for an extra surge of protein!

5. Eat Whole Foods

You should also ensure that you incorporate whole foods into your diet.

Whole foods are things like meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, and oats.

Most of your food intake should be whole foods and protein. Eat these and stay away from processed foods like bagels, cereals, pizza, cookies, frozen meals, and sausages.

6. Have a Drink Before Your Workout

Before you workout, you should have a shake or some other pre-workout powder like Chris Bumstead supplements that will amplify blood flow, enhance muscle pumps, boost strength, increase endurance, and optimize recovery.

Some studies have suggested that if you drink a shake with amino acids and carbs, you’ll have more protein synthesis, which will help your muscles grow.

When you exercise, you’ll increase your blood flow to all your muscles and tissues. This means your muscles need more of the amino acids found in protein.

When you make a pre-workout shake, you should make sure that it has about ten to twenty grams of protein. You can buy whey-based protein powder in all kinds of different flavors. You may also want to check out a SARMs resource.

If you don’t want to drink a shake, you can also eat a sandwich that has about four ounces of deli turkey, American cheese, and whole-wheat bread.

However, experts recommend having a drink because a liquid meal is absorbed into your body faster.

7. Drink Milk Before Bed

Before you go to bed, you should try and drink some milk.

One good way to incorporate this into your routine is to have a cup of some protein-based cereal, and then pour a cup of skim milk to eat with it. You should also eat some fruit with this.

When you sleep, the calories are more likely to stay with you. You’ll also reduce less protein breakdown in your muscles when you sleep, making the chances higher that it will increase your muscle mass.

Before You Use These Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass

Before you start changing your diet or taking any supplements, make sure you check with your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to do so.

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