Tips for Finding the Best Pay Stub Generator: Payroll Made Easy

best paystub generatorPayroll preparations for small business need the best pay stub generator.  Read on for tips to find the best one for your company.

About 82 million US workers experience paycheck errors during the course of their careers. These errors can be the result of a variety of issues. But the main one is a payroll system that’s lacking.

Tips for Finding the Best Pay Stub Generator

You can prevent pay stub errors from occurring for your employees by hiring one of the best pay stub generators. Use this guide to help you find the best online paystub generator.

Business Size

The first step in finding the right paystub generator service is to know how big your company is. There are paid and free versions available. For small businesses that only pay one to five employees, then a free paystub generator will work just fine.

If you have a larger business with over 20 employees, then a paid pay stub maker may be the better option. Paid services typically have a more robust suite of features.

Comprehensive Templates

While all quality check stub generator services use templates, they can vary in features and usability. Compare the templates to choose the one that you find intuitive. Then check that it has the form fields you need for your business.

  • Business name
  • Business contact information
  • Employee contact information
  • Hourly pay information
  • Salary pay information
  • Deductions
  • Year-to-date payment details
  • Payment date

Intuitive System

You want the system that you choose to be intuitive and easy to use. Your online paystub maker needs to make your life easier. If you currently prepare your pay stub manually, then you’re spending hours every week on this task.

The pay stub maker you choose should streamline the process by doing the calculations for you. It should make it obvious which fields you need to fill out when necessary.

Database Capabilities

Look for a system that will save your information. This will reduce the amount of work you need to do each week. Your online system should also automatically save the data you input.

Automatic saving will save you from repeating a massive amount of work when there’s a glitch in the internet, power outage, or a user error.


While templates are useful for creating the data and information part of the pay stubs, you also want to be able to customize them. This could include changing the color and font or adding your company’s logo.

Customizing your pay stubs will give your business an image of professionalism. It will help you look larger than your small business really is.

Choose the Best Pay Stub Generator

By choosing the best pay stub generator, you can both reduce your manual labor and improve the image of your business. Look for an online service that’s designed to work with a company of your size and offers the template features you need.

The system needs to be intuitive and automatically save all of the data you input. This will streamline the process and allow you to be more productive as you focus on other business tasks.

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