First and Best Karen Salmansohn Quotes Images

karen salmansohn and her dog fluffyHi, I’m the gal behind all those Karen Salmansohn quotes and NotSalmon Images you see out there in social media.

I started my career as a writer and creative director in advertising.

Eventually I quit because I was passionate about channeling my creativity in a way to help others!

I started to write books which I call “self help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self help” – merging stylish graphics with humor and psychological research.

Many of my personal development books went onto become big bestsellers.

For example,  How To Be Happy Dammit and Think Happy. were both big bestsellers.

Plus my books started to be read, loved and praised by a bunch of cool celebrities.

Back in 2010, after my son Ari was born, I started to create inspirational virtual posters.

Unfortunately back then I had what I call “mommy brain.” I was an exhausted, overly busy newbie mommy – and having trouble concentrating for the long periods of time which were needed to write long books.

However…I was feeling highly inspired about merging my design skills with my life quote writing and creating virtual inspirational quote posters!

Many Karen Salmansohn quotes and NotSalmon images went viral.

I’m happy, honored and tickled that thanks to my inspirational quotes, I grew my Facebook Author page to over 1 million followers. And my NotSalmon Instagram page to over 63,000 followers.

Today I decided to gather together a collection of some of my very first original Karen Salmansohn quotes – from when my son was first born.

Below are some of my very first NotSalmon images – which I created in the years 2010 – 2015. Voila! 🙂

Best Karen Salmansohn Quotes and NotSalmon Images

Feel free to print out these motivating life quotes and post them around your home or office. Or share them on Instagram and tag me! I’m @notsalmon! I promise I’ll wave a friendly hello back – and might re-share your share!


nothing is everything karen salmansohnn quote


gotta look for good in bad karen salmansohn quote


life crazy breathe karen salmansohn


love you means i get you karen salmansohn quote


absolute best right person karen salmansohn


do it now sometimes later becomes never karen salmansohn


we are all different karen salmansonn quote


bad person inner goodness karen salmansohn quote


sometimes things change karen salmansohn quote


hating important forgiving obsolete karen salmansohn quote


karma boomerang karen salmansohn


immediate gratification slowly roadblocks karen salmansohn


joy in present what happened is done karen salmansohn quote


happiness giving getting karen salmansohn image quote


fine piece of china paper plate motivational quote karen salmansohn


planting flowers toxic people karen salmansohn


people hate you karen salmansohn


feeling lonely karen salmansohn image quote


inhale exhale everything okay karen salmansohn


Never Give Up no matter how much you gotta be friggin kidding me life throws at you.


miracle karen salmansohnn


do not worry my sweet one karen salmansohn quote


stop harming yourself with thoughts karen salmansohn quote


afraid to be do people judge karen salmansohn


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