4 Benefits to Reading Newsletters and Online Articles

benefits reading newsletterThere are quite a few benefits to reading newsletters and online articles – which perhaps will forever remain a constant – no matter how much our world changes.

Even though our super busy, high tech world is enjoying a love affair with Youtube and video, people still love to read newsletters and digital publications. So, why are newsletters (like this one) and online articles (like these) still so popular?

4 Benefits to Reading Newsletters and Online Articles

1. The Joy of Portability and Silence

Digital publications and newsletters will forever be appreciated because of how portable they are – and how silent they are. Unlike videos you can read them anywhere without being told “Can you turn that down?”. Plus you can enjoy them conveniently via Google Newstand, your cellphone, laptop or ipad. 

2. The Fulfillment of A Deep Dive

People still love to read long-form content – where you get to deep-dive into a subject. You can’t always get this in-depth content via videos.

3. Skimming for Cliff Notes

You can skim a newsletter or online article  – and thereby quickly grab the key points in the essay. You can’t enjoy this cliff notes approach when you’re watching videos. You have to watch through the whole video in order to know if the content is something you want to know more about.

4. Voices To Trust

When you’re reading a newsletter or online articles, you can clearly see the writer’s background – and know if it’s a voice you can trust. (Pssst… This is my bio!) Plus when a business, magazine or online magazine you love and respect is sharing their digital publishing platform, you can feel confident that they took time to curate the writers they are sharing – and know they will be of high quality.

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