Anxiety Can Lower Your Libido. Here Are Holistic Supplements To Help.

anxiety lower libidoAnxiety is a thief.

It steals our thoughts.

And it steals our sleep.

Plus it steals our confidence.

Anxiety can even steal our libido.

Eventually too much stress can lead you to avoid romantic times with your partner – which can hurt intimacy, trust and emotional connection.

There have been many studies linking high anxiety with low sex drive.

A 2010 study of pre-menopausal women, age 18 and older, reported that stress was the culprit for 60% of them. Plus, in a study with un-medicated depressive women, 70% were reported to experience a lack of interest in sex due to their depression.

anxiety lower libidoAnxiety can lower your libido for many reasons.

  • First, it is tough to feel sexy when you’re caught up with worries and not feeling so good about life.
  • Second, anxiety messes with your hormones – and hormones help keep your libido feeling perky.
  • Third, anxiety is exhausting – and this low level of energy makes it harder to rile up the feisty energy needed for a healthy sex life.

So, what do you do to inspire wanting to do it more often?

Here’s some helpful holistic libido-boosting supplements.

  1. Maca works by normalizing hormones with what’s called “adaptogenic properties.” Basically, it stimulates the hypothalamus (through your pituitary and adrenal glands, as well as your nervous system) – which helps to rebalance your libido.
  2. Zinc can help raise testosterone levels (as much as 35%) which is helpful for increasing athletic performance.
  3. DHEA also works by raising testosterone levels. DHEA has been the subject of over 4,000 studies – which have shown how this “Adrenal Hormone” has impressive rejuvenating perks – particularly for people forty and older.
  4. Here are 6 psychological tools to help you get your sexy back.

While some things are impossible to replace once they’re taken away from you – your sex drive isn’t necessarily one of them. Sorry anxiety, but we women are taking back control of our libido!

By incorporating the supplements above into your daily routine, you can get your body on the right track. Soon your libido will start heading back in the right direction – and so will your relationship.

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