How To Love Yourself More and Be Confident In 3 Simple Steps

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If you want to be happy in life, you need to be happy with the real you! Here is how to love yourself more and be more confident – shared in 3 simple steps.

(Note: This is a guest blog by Anna Jorgensen)

It took years of stumbling and bumbling about – trying to figure stuff out – making many daft choices.

Now, finally, I’ve found and like me. Yay!

This is kind of a big deal – because I’ve always had low self-esteem.

It so wasn’t easy.

Now I’m in love with me – but in a healthy, non-narcissistic way.

I want to share my treasure map for how to find greater self love  – in a more direct, time-saving, heart-saving, mind-saving journey.

I want you to fall in love with you.

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In my embarrassingly honest memoir, Me: A Rewrite, From Vanity Insanity To Self-Acceptance (Sort Of), I share a two year snippet of my secret life in a big city.

I share the vulnerable truth of my life – all the way to the climax of my midlife crisis –  which led me to ultimately embrace authenticity and self-acceptance.

Every chapter includes a “What have I learned?” idea – and some self-homework.,

However, there are only 3 life-tipping epiphanies – and they were about how to love yourself more!

How To Love Yourself More in 3 Steps

1. Be your own best friend!

How? Stop, step back, look, listen. Step back and pretend you are looking at you from another you’s perspective—the “Most Loving Best Friend Forever [MLBFF] you.”

Stop look at yourself from the scaredy-chicken oh-my-god-what-do-I-do-what-will-they-think you.

Make your MLBFF the boss of you.

Now, listen to that little niggling feeling deep down inside, that gut feeling. That’s intuition and it’s your guiding light.

What would your MLBFF want for you? Do that!

a reminder to Love Yourself More and Be Confident2. Perception is everything.

How something or someone makes us feel gives it/him/her value.

More so, it’s how we perceive things that make us feel happy-sad-angry-hurt-disappointed-fat-skinny-brilliant-whatever!

When we change our negative perceptions (about ourselves and others) we have the emotional/mental/vibrational space to find what is truly good for us.

Good for us leads to love for us.

And since perception is just a story we make up in our minds, let’s make up feel-good ones.

Pay attention to perception and use auto-correct to change course when needed.

Remember: it takes practice, not perfection!

3. Be a Self-love Narcissist. (wink, wink)

Narcissism has a bit of a bad rep. True, those who are wholly only self-interested are actually self-loathing not self-loving – but there is a healthy balance.

Sometimes, the most authentic and loving thing to do for ourselves—and often even others—is to take care of us first. (Responsibly, of course.)

Only then do we have the energy, vitality and spirit to bestow our best on others.

It’s okay to set boundaries, say No, and indulge in self-care.

In fact, it’s a necessary step in respecting and loving ourselves, if I dare say. (I do!)

My motto in life is simple:

If it feels good, do it. If it feels bad, knock it off already!

We’re talking big picture feel good, not eat-six-cupcakes-in-a-sitting-feel-crappy-after.

When we take the time to really listen to whatever is speaking to us from the abyss of our soul, we can’t not help but find out who we are and what we really want.

When we find that, well, then… there’s nothing left to be done, but figure out how to get on Life’s Bliss Path.

And we will.

We deserve it and we inspire others as we show what can be done.

About the Author: Hi! I’m Anna Jorgenson – author of Me: A Rewrite, From Vanity Insanity To Self-Acceptance (Sort Of)  I offer a free 50 page peek and buying options here. Warning: Naughty words, feisty content & TMI! My purpose: Entertain! Inspire! …and “Be happy, dammit,” as Karen Salmansohn says – and I say much thanks to Karen’s many inspirational books which have helped me to find my Life’s Path, my purpose and my self!  

Think happier. Think calmer.

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