An uplifting quote about how to be stronger so you can move on…

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Be strong.

Speak up and refuse to let others hurt you.

Throughout your lifetime some people will discredit you, disrespect you.

They will treat you poorly for no apparent reason at all.

Don’t consume yourself with trying to change them or win their approval.

And don’t make any space in your heart to hate them.

You don’t have control over what others think about you, but you do have control over how you decide to internalize their opinions.

Leave them to their own judgments.

Let people love you for who you are, and not for who they want you to be.

Or let them walk away.

They can’t harm you either way.

It’s their understanding that is faulty – not yours.

Want to make sure you drill these words into your head? I’m on it! I created a poster for you to print out or pass forward to someone you know who could benefit from this reminder. Voila.

how to move on

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