What it Means to Be A Light Sender And Share Your Light With Others

be a light sender descriptionI was posting on my Facebook Author Page – about what it means to be a light sender. I asked people in my community to share what it means to them. Here’s what one of my community peeps shared.

NOTE: This is a guest blog from an inspiring Light Sender tribe member – Diane Clement!

I am the youngest of six children.

Growing up, I carefully stitched my story into everything I did.

It was a short story, only nine words in fact.

I am a pain in the ass.
The End.
By Diane Clement

I played my character with poise, carefully maneuvering my way through life.

Playing small, so small.

I wouldn’t be too big.

What it means to be A Light SenderAnd something felt wrong.

I felt wrong.

Basically, I was a square peg foxtrotting the world with pointy edges and a quiet voice, in search of a round hole.

I was a light trapped in a nine single-syllabic word story.

Light attracts light.

It took a few people who were light senders themselves to loosen the unwanted threads which I had sewn my lie about my life.

Some of these people included: Val Drake, Kinndli McCollum, Julie Hunt, my family, my friends, and strangers who would be my future friends and community.

My lie about myself which I had thought I’d sewn into my life in a permanent way started to show up less and less.

Until I finally was able to see the threads of this lie as just threads.

Unbound threads.

It was then that I realized:

I am a light sender.

I always was.

Indeed, I have found my gift and that is to BE a vessel of light – and to share my inner light with as many people as possible.

My gift is to set an example of humility and humanity, and to remain open and curious.

Plus, my gift is to show my inquisitive fifth graders that mistakes are amazing lessons and that the sky is the limit (even though they think the sky ends before the moon).

I’m meant to constantly reach for my potential and not let limitations be barriers, but starting points.

Plus, I’m here to ignite the fire in EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE around me.

Yes, my gift is to be HUMONGOUS.

My mother was a light sender too.

Even after she left us, her spirit sat beside me, while I was on my plane ride home to her funeral.

She left a message to me while I was traveling back to her. I heard her say…

“She lived to leave a message, and that, there is no doubt. 

It’s to keep on giving, even when you’re out.”  

I wound up reading these words at her funeral.

And I try to live those words every day.

I strive to stitch those words into the fabric of my life.

I have a new story about myself – which is far longer than 9 words – and far bigger to exist within.

My new story goes like this.

I will leave a message.

And keep giving – even when I feel I’m out of giving.

I will recognize that we are all light senders.

And look for the light in others – and invite their light to shine.

The above was written and shared with love by Diane Clement

Do you have light senders in your life?

Share some light with them – in appreciation!

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