The one and only way to truly change your life in a lasting way

the one way to truly change your life in a lasting wayWant to truly change your life in a lasting way?

When it comes down to it, there’s only one way to create permanent life improvements.

You must change your inner programming.

You can’t simply make changes in your outer world.

  • Changing cities. Or partners. Nor jobs.

You must make changes in your inner programming.

  • Your beliefs. Most common thoughts. Perspectives on the past. Feelings about situations and people.

If you don’t change your inner programming, you’re likely to see re-runs of your problems. Re-playing constantly in your life..

In fact, trying to only make changes in your outer world is like wiping the image on a TV screen.

You can’t expect to remove the TV’s images by merely wiping the outer screen.

  • In order to change the TV’s image, you must change the TV’s programming.

Basically, you choose the life you’re programmed to choose. Until you no longer agree to go with your old programming.

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How to truly change your life in a lasting way

how to change your life in a permanent way

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