How To Enjoy Paying Your Bills

Note: This is a guest blog from Sean Patrick

I am very much a spiritual person.

I definitely believe that we live in an abundant Universe.

However, I confess, I used to sometimes abandon this belief when it came to a certain topic:

Paying bills!

My anxiety towards paying bills all changed one day when an unexpected bill came in the post.

Before its arrival, I was having an incredible day. I was fired up and overflowing with love.

Within seconds of opening that envelope, I abandoned the love in my soul, trading it in for a feeling of pity and anxiety.

I quickly began to search anywhere I could to bring the joy back to my heart.

Then, suddenly, a thought was placed in my mind with such velocity that I could not ignore it:

I will not be thrown off balance this easily.

From that moment forward I decided to pay my bills with joy.

How was I able to switch over to a more positive attitude about bill paying?

I kept in mind the 3 following positive perspectives on bill paying:

1.    I am grateful somebody trusts me enough to use their services.
2.    I appreciate that the company I owe has faith that I will able to pay them.
3.     I am grateful their service is available to me.

When we believe in lack we are holding abundance away from ourselves.

I, for one, have no desire to do that!

I believe in an abundant and friendly universe.

I invite you all to do the same.

Here is something you can do:

Your life will unfold based on what you truly believe is possible and true.

So, if you really want to help yourself live an abundant life then get honest with yourself and answer these two questions:

1. I used to believe_____________________about money, abundance, debt.

2. I now choose to believe_______________about money, abundance, debt.

Shared with you with love, by The Guy Who Loves The Universe. For more about Sean Patrick, click here!

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