23 Uplifting Quotes for A Bad Mood And Bad Situations

23 Uplifting Quotes for Bad Moods And Bad SituationsHere are 23 uplifting quotes for a bad mood and bad situations – to help you to refocus on all that’s good in your life.

Whenever I am in a bad mood, I try to quickly remind myself that a happy day doesn’t mean a day with absolutely no problems.

Instead I try to understand that a happy day is simply one in which I make a choice to do my best to …

  • deal with what I can control
  • keep things in perspective

Plus, when I’m in bad mood – or dealing with bad situations – I repeat a range of bad mood quotes and reminders.

Below I’m sharing some of my favorite uplifting quotes for bad moods as image posters you can use as mobile wallpaper. Plus I’m also sharing some helpful words to tell yourself when you’re in a bad mood.

Bad Mood Quotes and Reminders

  • No matter how tough things might be, I’m gonna be even tougher.
  • Although others might have made me sad, I’m going to be someone who makes others happy.
  • Even if I feel like the world’s taken the best out of me, I’m gonna seek out the best in me – so I feel I’ve done my best today.
  • I refuse to focus on how powerless I might feel. I’m going to focus instead on the strength I know I have inside me. I’m going to remember all the other times I was a warrior and stayed strong.
  • I will never let a bad day make me feel like I have a bad life. Ditto on bad weeks, months and years. As long as I’m breathing I can turn things around!

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23 Uplifting Quotes for A Bad Mood And Bad Situations

I hope these 23 quotes for bad moods and stressful situations help you to shift your mindset to one of faith and confidence.


Quotes for Bad attitude


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Uplifting Quotes for terrible moods


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Uplifting Quotes for Bad Moods And Bad Situations


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Bonus Uplifting Bad Mood Quote

bad mood proving a point quote

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