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Good News For Good People!

Good news if you’re a good person! Bouncing back from a life challenge,  will be a little easier for you! Read on…

As many of you know, Aristotle is my favorite philosopher – for many reasons.

In particular, I love his theories on happiness.

One of Aristotle’s beliefs:

A good person will always more resiliently recover from life’s challenges – far better than a badly behaving person.

Aristotle described a good person as:

“someone who possesses the virtues of strong character”

Basically, a good person has the conscience, discipline and self awareness to choose habits which they are proud of – and thereby act with kindness and compassion – even during times of stress and conflict.

Why did Aristotle believe a good person will recover from life’s challenges better than a badly behaving person?

For the same reason that a physically in shape person will more easily recover from a car accident than an out of shape person.

Aristotle believed that the person who “possesses the virtues of strong character” is intrinsically emotionally and spiritually stronger.

Basically, a person who has strong character is literally “stronger” at recovering from tough times.

I love this as a concept – that being a good person means that you’re in good, strong emotional and spiritual shape!

Want proof of a good person recovering very well from a life challenge?

How about Oprah!

Here is a woman who was raped at a young age.

But Oprah intrinsically “possessed the virtues of strong character” and thereby she was more able to bounce back from her challenge.

The happiness lesson to be learned:

Every day put in the effort of strong character to be a good person. You’ll not only feel happier on a daily basis – you’ll also become stronger spiritually – which is good “spirit insurance” to protect you should a challenge ever arise.

Basically, when you’re a good person acting with strong character on a regular basis, you build up powerful spiritual muscles and big soul cajones – which then helps you to better bounce back from whatever comes your way.

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