Want To Feel Happier? Watch A Mental Rental

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.42.07 PMIn your mind right now you have lots of happy memories from your past and happy visions for your ideal future.

All of these positive thoughts are stored and ready to be played for you – and are more multitudinous than the movies on Netflix.

You just have to press the pause button on those negative thoughts you’re presently playing – then press search for something new.

Shop around in the thought library of your mind, and you will find a wide range of positive Mental Rentals to be played.

Here’s how to make sure you get a Mental Rental which you’ll enjoy.

Sit in a quiet place and consciously think about some of your optimistic future goals or some of your happy, peaceful memories. Having trouble locating a good Mental Rental? Consciously choose to think about vacations, good friends, favorite family members, exciting job moments, thrilling kisses. You get the idea. Once you locate an optimistic future goal or delightful positive memory, envision as much detail as you can in the scene which you play for yourself. What are you wearing? How are you standing? What scent is in the air? Be sure to give all of your Mental Rentals a fun title, then write these titles down somewhere for safekeeping. Next time you’re feeling stressed or depressed, read through your Mental Rental titles. Pick one, close your eyes, then sit back and enjoy the positive thought show!

By tapping into positive thoughts about the future or the past, you can actually change your brain and body chemistry in the present! You can truly think yourself happy.

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Think happier. Think calmer.

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