A Life Quote On Kindsight To Help You View Your Life With Forgiveness

Here’s a life quote on kindsight – which I wrote and designed into an inspiring quote poster – to help you view your life with forgiveness.  When I shared this quote poster on Facebook, it wound up going viral – shared over a million times!

My Viral Kindsight Quote Poster

Kindsight life quote by Karen Salmansohn

“View your life with kindsight. Stop beating yourself up about things from your past.Instead of slapping your forehead and asking: “What was I thinking?” Breathe and ask yourself “What was I learning?” – Karen Salmansohn

This kindsight quote can be found in my books too.

I also shared this life quote in Instant Happy, Instant Happy Journal and Think Happy.

view your life with kindsight karen salmansohn

via my Instant Happy book!

Feel free to share either of these kindsight quote posters on Pinterest – and pass the positivity forward!

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While I may have known the term “kindsight,” in the sense of being kind to oneself, before seeing this poster, it struck me anew as a great way to create the conversation around how we treat ourselves. And how we treat ourselves partners with how we treat others. May the poster become a virus through which we are all infected with kindsight.

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