5 Great Ideas For Looking After Yourself This Summer

Great Ideas For Looking After Yourself This SummerDuring the summer season, we usually plan out outdoor activities. Also, this is the season when one can wear all the nice dresses without getting cold. However, while indulging in outdoor activities and also battling heatwaves, there comes a point where we have to start prioritizing self care. 

It can be doing something as small as hydrating frequently when outdoors. You never know that fatigue from being outside and higher temperatures could turn out to be a deadly combination. 

I’m sharing about this topic because I’m a bestselling wellness author of books like Instant Calm. I also studied to be a yoga and meditation teacher. I share a range of my relaxation techniques in my groundbreaking video course: The Anxiety Cure.

Coming up I will be sharing some great ideas for looking after yourself this summer – starting with some small steps you can take. I’m hoping this article might give you ideas to stay active and enjoy the summer season. You can follow the helpful self care ideas here to have a fulfilling summer. 

  • Eating the Right Food 

One of the biggest challenges outdoors during the summer season is avoiding dehydration. Our bodies lose water at a much faster rate when we’re out in the sun. That’s why it is essential to remain hydrated and keep the electrolytes of the body in balance. 

Also, it makes sense to have foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and keep you hydrated during summer. This may include seasonal fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, leafy veggies, and berries.

You can also take advantage of the season by adjusting your diet so it’s healthier. You can try including lighter, more fresh meals that offer enough nutrition to keep you active all day. It’s also a good time to cut down on greasy foods as the heat makes it difficult to digest them. 

By opting for hydrating and fresh foods, you can keep yourself cool and active throughout summer. Going with this approach, you can keep your digestion in check and feel more refreshed to be able to enjoy all summer plans. 

  • Protecting the Skin from Sun

While it’s good to step out in the sun, long term exposure can be harsh on the skin. With the rise in global temperatures, taking steps to protect skin from UV rays is absolutely necessary. So whenever you are outside, make sure that you apply sunscreen properly 15 minutes prior to leaving. 

By doing this regularly, you will not only protect your skin from damage but also from hyperpigmentation and certain cancers. For most adults, an ounce of sunscreen can do the job to cover the face and exposed parts of the body. Just make sure that you apply sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes prior to stepping out. Also, reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours or if you are getting out of water. 

  • Shop for the Season

Whether you want to show off your summer body or just want to wear something that compliments your body during summer, you must prepare in advance. With rising heat, it’s crucial to find comfortable clothing. 

Also, last minute shopping can be stressful, especially with the crowded stores and limited choices. By planning ahead, you can have a rather comfortable shopping experience where you can enjoy the process of planning for your summer outfits. 

When you buy clothes in advance, you can easily find early-season sales and discounts. So you can avoid paying higher prices when the demand is high during the season. 

Shopping for the season and enjoying the process of choosing the attires can be a great way of taking care of yourself during summer. Take your time to choose the outfits that reflect your own style. Don’t forget about comfortable footwear for the season and some basic accessories like light scarves, hats, and sunglasses as a practical addition to your wardrobe. 

  • Create a Self-Care Game Plan

One of the best ways to tackle the season is with a solid self-care plan. It should be something that suits your lifestyle and doesn’t stress or overwhelm you. In order to get started with the self-care routine, you first need to identify the aspects of your life that need attention. It could be taking care of mental health, physical health, or skin care. 

Taking some time to think allows you to reassess important things in life that might have taken a backseat. Also, to prepare for the season, you can try to identify your stressors in order to address them better. By figuring out the neglected aspects of your life and creating a plan of action, you can actually enjoy the summer without stressing all the time. 

Remember that challenges will always come but it’s not necessary to solve every problem at once. Try taking small steps. It could be as small as hanging out more with friends or having a hydration routine. 

  • Don’t Forget to Rest

Summer comes with the freedom of going out on a sunny day wearing whatever we want. But it can be pretty easy to tire yourself out when not paying attention. With friendlier weather, it seems like a good option to plan chores for longer hours outdoors. 

But make sure that you take enough rest to compensate for all the outdoor time you spent in summer. Don’t shy away from taking a day off whenever possible and treat yourself with a spa day. Taking time for yourself and indulging in wellness can be a great way to rest your mind and body. 

If you have already planned summer activities with your friends then don’t forget to add a few days for rest and self-care. Slowing down once in a while prevents burnout and enables you to enjoy every experience. 

Conclusion: Looking After Yourself This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to adjust your routine and find time for enjoyment and start truly looking after yourself. By taking small steps like protecting your skin, staying hydrated, and prioritizing mental health, you can have a comfortable summer. You can incorporate the tips mentioned above to tackle the summer heat and make most of every opportunity. If you are finding it difficult to get started, you can start with a pen and paper and write down the things to do based on practicality and start from there. 

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