Major Pest Control Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid!

Major Pest Control Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid!Whether they are causing problems by biting you and your pets, ruining the structure of your home or spreading disease, pests are most definitely unwanted visitors.

The issue is that they can also be hard to get rid of once they have entered your home. Indeed, many households make mistakes when it comes to pest control.

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With this mind, let’s dive into learning about these major pest control mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

7 Major Pest Control Mistakes To Avoid!

Find out what the most common pest control mistakes are below – plus how to avoid them too! 

1. Not being proactive about pest control 

Most people think that pests are to be gotten rid of when they occur in or around your home. However, an even better approach is to be proactive and prevent pests from setting up shop in your home in the first place. 

What we are talking about here is being proactive with pest control and doing everything you can to minimize the risk of an infestation. The good news is that there are lots of things that can help you do this including using termite bait stations to protect against termites all year around. You can also use things like line guards to prevent squirrels from getting into your property in the first place. 

2. Not using pro pest removal services 

While doing a DIY job and saving some money can sound appealing, it can also be a major mistake to not choose a professional pest removal service. The first reason for this is that a professional service will have all the kit they need to get to all the hard-to-reach places, making their services far more effective than any DIY job. Additionally, professionals will have access to the strongest repellents which will do a much more thorough job at getting rid of unwanted pests. 

3. Relying on pest control plants 

Several plants such as mint, garlic, rosemary, lemon grass and citronella are said to be good at repelling pests, in this case, bugs like mosquitos. However, to get any of the repellent effects these plants need to be processed so they release a concentrated odor. This means that simply growing them in your garden say underneath your window will not keep pests away in any significant way. 

4. Using electric pest zappers 

OK, so using electric pest zappers can be satisfying, especially when you hear that zap noise and you know that you’ve got rid of another one. However, they aren’t too practical in other ways. Indeed, electric pest zappers whether handheld or installed on the wall can create a big mess of dead bugs that you’ll constantly have to clear up. That is why a professional pest removal service is a much better idea.  

5. Using bug bombs 

Argh! Bug bombs and the cloud of noxious gas they produce can be pretty harmful to humans, and there is always the risk you won’t use them right or get the safety instructions mixed up. The crazy thing is that they’re not that effective anyway because the cloud of gas that a bug bomb creates moves very slowly. Bugs, such as ants on the other hand can move fast and can easily outrun a bug bomb taking cover in the walls, or gaps in the floor until the smoke has passed when they will return. 

6. Blaming your bug problem on your pets 

Yes, pets like cats and dogs are susceptible to bugs like fleas and ticks. However, they are by no means the only way such pests get into your home. Of course, it makes sense to treat your pets to make sure they are protected against fleas as they can be very uncomfortable for both them and you. Similarly, it’s a good idea to always check them for ticks when they return inside. However, it also makes sense to make sure you treat your home and garden as well, otherwise you could find pests getting into your home anyway. 

7. Relying on glue traps 

Glue traps that lure pests in with the smell of food, and then hold them tight so they cannot escape certainly appear to be effective, especially when they are coated in hundreds of dead bugs like ants. However, they only scratch the surface of the problem, because they are only attracting and catching the pests already in your house, not the ones that are yet to come. 

Instead, a much better solution is something like ant bait. Ant bait is much more effective because ants will take it back with them to their nest. The poisoned food will then be shared, and so the whole ant colony will die, not just the ones that happen to be in your house at a certain point in time. 

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