Boosting Mood with Colors: Furniture That Sparks Happiness

Boosting Mood with Colors: Furniture That Sparks HappinessYou know that feeling when you enter a room and something feels off? Or maybe you’ve been in a room that made you feel happy, energized, and safe.

What makes rooms so powerful in affecting our emotions?

It’s all about the colors. Colors are amazing. They can create or ruin the mood of any living space.

Don’t you want your home to be a place of joy, comfort, and warmth?

I have a little secret to share with you. I know how to make your living space more vibrant and cozy. And it’s easy and fun.

I’m writing this article because I am an award winning designer of books and videos. And I love design of all kinds – particularly interior design.

In this article, I’ll show you how to pick the right furniture that sparks happiness because it’s boosting mood with color.

How Furniture Colors Spark Happiness and Affect Mood 

It’s true, the psychology of colors is real. For years, color has been used as a subliminal yet powerful tool for communication. The varying hues of a single color can:

  • Impact our mood
  • Affect our decision-making
  • Influence our emotions
  • Evoke memories and positive or negative associations

There has been substantial research to support that colors have a significant impact on the human mental state. So it only makes sense to carefully consider the colors and hues we invite into our home. 

Furniture is a major part of any living space, and the colors you choose here will impact your mood and behavior every day. 

But I must tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing furniture colors. Colors cater to personal preferences, so what you choose will depend on what feels good to you. 

Of course, there are some basic guidelines you can follow when it comes to choosing furniture colors. I have just the blueprint you need to help you choose feel-good furniture for your home. 

Setting a Positive Tone with Furniture Styles + Mood-boosting Colors

Match various furniture styles and colors to create a joyful ambiance in your home.

Some complementary styles and color schemes include:

  • Rustic + earthy tones (red, orange, or brown) = Cozy, inviting, warm
  • Vintage + soft pastels (powder blue, lilac, mauve, mint green) = Light, nostalgic, and peaceful
  • Modern minimalist + Neutral hues (beige, grey, cream, taupe) = Steady, focused, soothing
  • Voguish contemporary + bold colors (Purple, teal, gold, orange, yellow) = Energetic, passionate, lively

Feel free to mix and match the above styles and colors to suit your taste and mood.

Colors, Mood, and Furniture Recommendations

Let me show you what some basic colors symbolize. As a bonus, I’ll also include some cool hand picked furniture styles that I believe best represent these colors.

Boosting Mood with Colors: Furniture That Sparks HappinessRed Furniture for Warmth, Energy, and Passion

The color red and its shades typically stand for:

  • Passion
  • Excitement
  • Energy
  • Love

As the shades of red get darker, they evoke more intense feelings. Lighter reds have a warmer effect.

If you want your living space to reflect an upbeat and dynamic vibe, picking bold red furniture is a good idea. Don’t be afraid to pair the red with warm tones like brown or orange for a balanced layout. 

Take a look at this beautiful rectangle wicker dining set. The table and chair frames are made with elegant ebony-hued wicker. But the highlight is the scarlet red cushions made from premium Sunbrella fabric.

If you don’t want to commit to bold red furniture, choose warmer shades and toasty colors that infuse your home with coziness, such as:

  • Mocha
  • Warm browns
  • Caramel
  • Terracotta
  • Rust

These shades bring forth the energy associated with the color red, without making an in-your-face statement. 

Orange/Yellow Furniture for a Dose of Sunshine

An abundant splash of orange and yellow can give you and your living space an instant dopamine hit. These warm colors are known for their beautiful, sunshiney vibe. They spark creativity and joy. 

But the key to a successful orange/yellow-themed room is balance. Too many of these colors can be overwhelming, triggering feelings of chaos and disarray. Choose a neutral hue for your walls, such as white or beige, so your bright-colored furnishings can shine out.

If you like a traditional, rustic look, this rattan indoor wicker loveseat draped in a lovely mustard yellow is perfect. Pair it with a similar rattan sofa with mustard upholstery, and soften the brightness with patterned pillows.

Blue Furniture for a Splash of Serenity 

The color blue and the soothing respite it provides need no introduction. The color blue is beautifully elemental, associated with the vast sky and the ocean. 

Most shades of blue evoke a sense of:

  • Calm 
  • Serenity
  • Peace
  • Safety

The right kind of blue-shaded furniture can transform your living space into a welcoming haven to unwind in. Light blue shades can trigger feelings of harmony, whereas deeper blues are associated with trust, knowledge, and wisdom.

The easiest way to choose your blues is to think about the kind of mood you want to set. I also recommend considering the weather where you live. 

If you live in a region with harsh winters, the cool undertone of your home can seem dull and dreary in the cold winter light. If the weather is usually sunny, the natural light can uplift the blue tones.

To counteract this, I suggest mixing your blue furniture with warmer accents. This could be as elaborate as painting a wall a creamy beige or yellow color, or as simple as adding mustard pillows to your blue sofa.

If you’re looking for something simple yet charming, this lovely blue Cuba rattan indoor sofa does the trick. 

Neutral Greys for Stability and Focus

gray furnitureAs dull as it seems, I love the color grey, and here’s why you should too. Grey makes a fine canvas for home decor. It inspires a sense of stability, making you feel calm, focused, and as a result, happy! 

You can use your grey furniture to create an eclectic layout with colored and textural accents. If you want to go the route of rustic elegance, there’s nothing like a good old grey-beige-gold combo to liven up the space. 

Check out this 9-piece dining room set clad in a stunning pearl grey finish to see what I mean. 

Maintain Your Furniture and Their Colors for a Positive Atmosphere

You want your Armoires & Wardrobes and furniture of all kinds to last a long time, right?

Well, happiness doesn’t have to fade with time. You can keep your furniture and its colors in great shape with some regular maintenance.

Here are some tips for you: 

  • Choose furniture with upholstery that has color protection. This way, you won’t have to worry about spills and stains ruining your furniture. If you do spill something, clean it up right away before it sets
  • Dust can make your furniture look dull and boring. Don’t let that happen. Use a dusting brush to clean your wooden or wicker furniture every week to keep it shiny and clean
  • Your furniture upholstery needs some love too. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe it down at least every two weeks to keep it looking new
  • Give your cushions a good fluff and change up your furniture accessories from time to time. This will make your home feel more lively and inviting

Remember, the quality of your furniture matters as much as the color. I suggest you invest in high-quality furniture that sparks happiness 

Stay Calm While Improving Your Home

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