How to Make an Eye-Catching Social Media Ad

How to Make an Eye-Catching Social Media AdAre you new to the world of social media advertising? Do you want to learn how to make a great ad?

As with any industry, digital marketing has its own set of rules. You need to follow those rules to be able to grow your brand. Among them is having a good social media ad.

Creating an engaging ad is not about how good people’s eyes will be when they see it. There are specific rules that you need to follow.

Be guided by this guide as you learn how to make an eye-catching social media ad.

Choose a Striking Image or Video

When creating an eye-catching social media advertisement, it all starts with the visuals. Choose a striking image or video to be the centerpiece of your ad. This will be the core element that viewers will take away from your ad first, so make sure it stands out.

Unique visuals can be anything from eye-popping colors, fascinating close-ups of a product, dynamic motion in a video, or humorous images. The point is to grab the user’s attention.

Your visuals should be simple, yet communicate the social media message of your ad. Furthermore, they should reflect the tone or mood you want to convey.

Keep It Short and Sweet

The long-winded copy won’t be effective or memorable to readers. Instead, capture their attention with concise and clear language that outlines the purpose of the ad and why readers should care about it.

Create catchy headlines and visuals that can stand out from all the competitive ads in the feed and that will grab the readers’ attention from the first seconds. Short and sweet messaging will be more impactful as readers don’t want to have to search for the point of the ad.

Use Compelling Language

Compelling language draws the reader in, grabs their attention, and keeps them on the page. Whether it be emotional words, colorful adjectives, profound statements, or catchy one-liners, it’s important to craft your messages.

For example, you can use words like ‘extraordinary’ and ‘unparalleled’ to describe the unique features of your product. Or, to draw your audience in, you can use provocative calls-to-action phrases like ‘what are you waiting for’ or ‘find out now’.

Use Infographics

Infographics can be used to network information in an engaging way that is both appealing and easier to understand. Consider this tool to better break down complex topics into simple visuals.

Infographics can provide a snapshot of the data you want to present and are designed to share facts and ideas. You can use charts, diagrams, and colors to enhance your ad while staying true to your message.

Follow These Ways to Create a Social Media Ad That Stands Out

Captivating visuals and engaging copy are the foundation of any successful social media ad. Experiment with different methods, like A/B testing, to ensure your ad stands out from the competition.

Make sure your ad has a clear CTA that acts as an incentive for people to act. With the knowledge from this article, you should be able to create an eye-catching ad to help your business grow.

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