13 Cocktail Suggestions for Beginners

13 Cocktail Suggestions for BeginnersAre you looking for an exciting way to explore the world of cocktails? You may be a beginner who wants to discover the fundamentals of creating delicious drinks, or you want to mix up a few easy and tasty concoctions.

Either way, we have 13 excellent cocktail suggestions for you.

But before we get into those recipes, it’s important to remember that alcohol consumption should be done in moderation.

As with anything, it’s possible to develop an addiction and suffer from alcohol toxicity. So please remember to drink alcohol responsibly and always stay within your limits.

So with that in mind, let’s dive into our list of 13 cocktail suggestions for beginners.

13 Cocktail Suggestions for Beginners

Enjoy these cocktail suggestions for beginners! And because each one is 100% customizable, you can pick flavors that match your palette.

1. Margarita

Start your cocktail journey with the classic Margarita. This simple tequila-based cocktail is both simple and delicious. Just three ingredients: tequila, triple sec, & lime juice make this drink a go-to favorite.

Make enough for a few rounds. The fruity flavor of this drink, complemented by maybe a touch of salt, will make all your guests smile.

2. Mojito

Mojito, the blended beverage of summertime dreams! Cool, creamy, and incredibly flavorful – what’s not to love? Blending sweet and tart to perfection, ingredients like mint and sugar provide a balancing sweetness, complemented by a bright burst of lime juice. White rum adds a uniquely Cuban twist to this classic beverage.

3. Daiquiri

Invented in the 1800s, the Daiquiri has a history of expert mixology and classic taste. Made from just three ingredients – light rum, fresh lime juice, and sugar syrup – this simple blend delivers a surprisingly sophisticated flavor. The Daiquiri has been a beloved cocktail for centuries due to its tantalizing balance of tangy lime and sweet sugar.

4. Negroni

Negroni has the makings of a timeless classic—a blend of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth exquisitely interconnected in its flavor profile. This perfect balance between sweet and bitter, originating in Italy, makes for an unforgettable gustatory experience unlike any other. Just three simple ingredients combined create an incredible melange that puts this cocktail in its remarkable category.

5. Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic! We all love this British classic. Try pouring two parts gin and five parts tonic over some lovely ice cubes, and don’t forget to give it that zesty crispness with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. You’re bound to be intrigued by this drink’s balance of acidic, sweet, and tart flavors.

Yet, be aware of potential allergic reactions to alcohol if this is your first time consuming the mixture. If you experience discomfort with your skin or breathing that doesn’t subside upon ceasing consumption, seek immediate medical attention.

6. Old Fashioned

Savory whiskey, delicious mixers, and a few delightful garnishes are all it takes to make this timeless tipple. Begin by muddling some sugar cubes or adding a splash of simple syrup for just the right amount of sweetness.

Then add some ice cubes to dilute the mixture and balance it perfectly. Pour your whiskey over the cubes for an instantly satisfying sipper—the ultimate indulgence.

7. White Russian

With a combination of premium vodka, Kahlua, or other coffee liqueur, half & half, or cream, this delicacy isn’t easy and enjoyable on light summer evenings.

Prepare pure perfection over ice in an old-fashioned glass for an intense treasure that engages the senses by tantalizing the taste buds. Savor and sip this delectably smooth concoction; you’ll forget experiencing happiness like it when you’ve come to your senses.

8. Manhattan

The Manhattan cocktail is ideal for those who crave an impact flavor without excessive sweetness or sourness. You’ll need rye whiskey (or bourbon), sweet vermouth, and bitters to make one—though don’t forget the ice. A rocks glass filled with ice will enhance the taste of this classic mixer.

9. Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour is a great cocktail suggestion for beginners exploring the world of mixology. This classic drink is made with whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and sometimes an egg white for texture and foam.

When served correctly, it has a balanced flavor with complexity and depth from the whiskey and tartness from the lemon juice. It’s also relatively low-proof, making drinking easier without getting overly intoxicated quickly.

10. Dark ‘n Stormy

Combined with dark rum and lime juice, the perfect balance of spicy and refreshing is guaranteed. To master this combination perfectly, pair two parts of orange rum with one part of lime juice.

Don’t forget the clincher. Finish the mix atop a foaming glass of ginger beer. One sip, and you’ll be instantly transported and revived.

11 . French 75

Keen to spark celebrations? Then try a French 75. This champagne-based cocktail comes from a famous World War One French fighter plane. It mixes gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup in equal measure for something extraordinary.

Top it off, quite literally, with a dash of sparkling wine, and you have to raise an extra special toast.

12 . Cosmopolitan

Going back to the 1980s, the iconic Cosmopolitan cocktail was originally developed in New York City. The perfect balance of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice all come together to give it that signature pink hue.

To make your version at home, measure out one ounce of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice. Be sure to squeeze that lime fresh over some ice in a martini shaker, and voila. You now have your very own chic particularity floating atop an ice-cold beverage.

13 . Martini

The martini marks our last stop in the exploration of aperitifs. A true classic, the perfect martini combines gin or vodka (depending on which spirit you prefer) and dry vermouth. Shake or stir to taste before garnishing with olives, if desired. A core component of any celebration, a good martini never goes out of style!


Remember that the key to enjoying any alcoholic beverage responsibly is in moderation.

According to the medical professionals at Alcohol Rehab Help, “when we drink more than moderate amounts of alcohol, it can no longer offer the health benefits. Excessive alcohol consumption often leads to an alcohol use disorder (alcohol addiction), which should be taken seriously to prevent long-term damage to your body and mind.”

No matter how you like your cocktails, don’t overdo them. Pace yourself, drink water between each alcoholic beverage, and have some food with it, so you don’t get too drunk too quickly.

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