6 Body Confidence Tips For Women Over 50

body confidence over 50Growing older often comes with various emotions, from excitement to anxiety. As the saying goes, ‘age is just a number,’ but how you feel about your growing body depends on your self-confidence.

It is possible to age confidently by adopting the right strategies that help you put your health and well-being first.

Sometimes, however, you require a little boost to strut your stuff with sass and style, which begins with getting comfortable in your skin.

It is concerning that 62% of women aged 50 years and over admit to the insecurity they feel about their bodies.

I’m sharing this article because I am a bestselling personal development author – with over 2 million books sold….and I was born in 1960! I personally relate to this topic!

So, if you’re ready to feel like the queen you are, then embrace these body confidence tips for women over 50! It’s time to step into your full power!

6 Body Confidence Tips For Women Over 50

1. Focus on health first, not weight

Naturally, your body’s metabolism slows as you advance into the older years. Loss of muscle mass, reduction in calorie burn rate, and a slowdown in digestion give rise to several health issues. Paramount among them is the weight issue. When you hit your fifties, it becomes difficult for your body to shed excess fat as quickly as it did in your younger years, increasing the likelihood of greater weight gain. As a result, you may be concerned about your body image and think about ways to achieve instant weight loss.

However, the point is to focus more on your health than your weight.

The reason is that good health can positively influence your overall weight. For example, when your mind tunes into eating an age-appropriate diet and maintaining regular physical activity, your body responds accordingly, making it easier to manage your weight. In other words, the combination of healthy eating and regular exercise allows you to make excellent use of energy, positively affecting overall wellness and confidence.

Unfortunately, focusing on weight alone may force you to adopt fad diets that harm your physical and mental well-being. Moreover, it will be ill-advised to depend on slim-quick pills at your age, as they could increase your risk of health issues like pancreatitis, kidney problems, and gallbladder disease.

With this in mind, remember to tackle your health first, and you will have the chance to steer your weight in the desired direction.

2. Celebrate your strengths

What do you love most about yourself? Have you taken the time to make a list of all of them? If you haven’t, now will be a good time to do so. According to a report published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, older women who identify and appreciate their strengths have a better image of themselves. In other words, you don’t have to wait for someone’s approval of your looks.

Even in the face of negative body image feedback from others, you will be more aware of your body satisfaction and not feel fazed. That is largely what celebrating your strengths is all about.

For instance…

If your shapely legs are features you love about yourself, you will boost your confidence by dressing to flaunt them.

Also, if you still have a head full of hair and it’s greying faster, let those silvery strands stand out if that makes you comfortable. At this point, it’s all about your happiness and what makes you feel confident in yourself. It’s a great time to embrace and enjoy self-approval and gratitude. 

Acknowledging your positive attributes is important to your mental health.

It may not mean much initially, but after a while, the things you do to boost your body confidence will play significant roles in maintaining good mental health. It is worth mentioning that many women aged fifty and above have a higher risk of depression, largely due to the drastic changes happening in their bodies as they age. It explains why building a solid self-image strengthens your mental health.

3. Dress for your body shape

It is understandable why some older women wear clothing to hide body features they are unhappy with. Doing this helps build confidence during the period they are at social functions. The secret is to dress for your body shape and to feel comfortable in your garment.

Plus-size older women may prefer loose cuts or styles that may not define their body shape, while slimmer females may do the exact opposite. The choice, however, is entirely yours, especially because you don’t need society’s approval to wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in.

Finding the right style to flatter your body shape can be challenging.

That is why it is helpful to experiment with different styles and cuts until you find what works best for your body and confidence. Fortunately, several fashion brands influence the stylish garment industry for older women. There is so much to choose from if only you know what to pick and how to combine textures and patterns. If it helps, you could enlist help from a fashion stylist with experience dressing up older women.

You will be exposed to different fabrics and materials as you dress for your body shape. This aspect of your fashion choices is also important because as you age, your skin may become more sensitive than it used to be – meaning you may react easily to a fabric like wool. Skin irritation can be quite uncomfortable at this point, so when that happens, it will be a good opportunity to rethink your options. Cashmere is a non-irritating alternative to wool, and you will be glad to wear that. Free from any further skin irritation, you will have more body confidence.

4. Do not neglect self-care routines

It is never too late to start or practice self-care. The secret, however, is to stick to the routine because self-care has desirable outcomes when you’re consistent with it. The body requires the right amount of care to help boost your self-esteem and body image. Did you know that self-care helps reduce anxiety, and stress, boosts mood, and promotes overall wellness? Self-care can include meditation, yoga, a relaxing bath, or being conscious about engaging in loved hobbies. These activities heighten self-awareness and ultimately flow into how you perceive your changing body. 

It is believed that when women over fifty prioritize self-care, it demonstrates a commitment to show self-love.

It is also a testament to your recognition to do whatever it takes to enhance your wellness. Research reveals that women in this age bracket often may not pay much attention to their bodies and appearance.

Indeed, you may lack the motivation to continue with the self-care routines you used to enjoy and do more consistently in your younger years. If you feel this way, it helps to know that many other women in this age bracket often feel the same. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom as the beauty industry continues to evolve. A Botox specialist can help resolve visibly saggy and wrinkled skin. Some facial exercises are also good for restoring sufficient muscle mass, which ultimately hides the appearance of loose skin, especially around the chin, cheeks, and neck. The truth is, the more you stick to self-care routines, the better you will feel about your body and confidence levels.

5. Embrace aging and be mindful of media influence

There is much to be thankful for as you reach your older years. Although previously smooth cheeks may have given way to deep lines around your mouth when you smile, and the outer corners of your eyes might have become more pronounced, there is still beauty in these little things. Indeed, all these are signs of aging, but the only way to deal with the changes is to embrace them. You can train your mindset to embrace this stage as a badge of honor. 

So, why do some people find it difficult to embrace aging?

Studies reveal that a major factor that accounts for this is the media and how much more focus is on the younger generation. According to research, the style and fashion industry places a higher emphasis on young adults, and it’s understandable why that happens. Brands believe that targeting young people increases the chances of cultural relevance and long-term loyalty.

However, that shouldn’t deter you, as other brands focus on your age bracket. Fortunately, the beauty and skincare industry is leading in this area, meaning that as you embrace the aging process, you can turn your attention to older adults focused brands. Knowing that the industry continues to release products helping older women boost their confidence is something to be happy about and worth exploring.

6. Seek professional help if needed

Sometimes you will need professional help when you struggle with a negative body image. It’s best to consider this only when everything you’ve tried to help you embrace this period of your life fails. A therapist will help you discover hidden underlying issues making you struggle with body confidence in your fifties and beyond.

In extreme cases, you may require cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment method, where the specialist may adopt various treatment methods to help resolve your body confidence issues. As you age, failing to seek early treatment could greatly affect your emotional and mental health. Many of these treatment methods will require practical activities like making daily positive affirmations to yourself. The objective of this exercise is to override negative thoughts with positive ones. The more you do this, the higher the chances of boosting your body confidence.

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