Stop your Stressing: Best Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

p your Stressing: Best Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

Learn about the best supplements for stress and anxiety relief to help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

We’ve all been there: tense muscles, headaches, racing thoughts, panic attacks, and sleepless nights.

Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on both our mental and physical well-being, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and drained.

But the good news is: there are natural supplements that can help us find some much-needed relief.

I’m writing this article because I am a bestselling wellness author with about 2 million books sold globally.

Plus I founded the therapist recommended video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I’m a knowledgeable expert on anxiety – and I love to help people to live calmer, happier lives.

The impact that stress and anxiety

Before we dive into the top picks for supplements to calm the mind, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the impact that stress and anxiety can have on our bodies.

  • Studies have shown that these feelings can have a profound effect on every aspect of our health, from our heart and brain to our digestion and hormones.
  • Nearly three-quarters of Americans report feeling stressed or anxious, and stress is a regular part of life for one-third of adults in the United States. And that’s not even taking into account those who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or chronic depression.

If you’ve experienced stress and anxiety, you know how debilitating it can be.

Stress and Anxiety Symptoms can include:

  • increased heart rate
  • shallow breathing
  • tense muscles
  • irritability
  • concentration issues
  • poor memory
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • panic attacks

There are two types of stress: acute and chronic.

  • weird to think online rants trapped in people's headsAcute stress is temporary – such as what you might feel when waiting for a medical diagnosis or preparing for an important meeting or conversation.
  • Chronic stress is ongoing – and can have a lasting impact on your health, including your heart, brain, hormones, and digestion. Chronic stress can even lead to heart issues, high blood pressure, and adrenal fatigue.

So what can you do to help relieve stress and anxiety?

You can try many relaxation techniques, such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. Or you can try the power of all-natural supplements to help reduce tension.

Some tips when choosing a stress and anxiety supplement:

  • Look for natural, plant-based ingredients that are easy for your body to absorb and use.
  • Make sure the supplement is safe for daily use.
  • Look for a supplement that targets both physical and mental health.
  • Check reviews from other buyers to see what they have to say.

Next up, with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. So here’s a quick list of some of the best supplements for stress and anxiety.

Some of the best supplements for stress and anxiety

1. Lively Vitamin Co. Chill Pill

relaxing supplement The promise of Lively Vitamin Co. Chill Pill “less stress, more happy.”

This blend of all-natural, non-addictive herbal ingredients targets all of the unwanted side effects of stress, from poor sleep and brain fog to bad moods and tension.

And with a family-run business that prioritizes quality and affordability, you can feel good about supporting this brand.

2. Terry Naturally AnxioCalm

anxiety relief supplementThe promise of Terry Naturally AnxioCalm – soothes tension without causing drowsiness. There’s only one primary ingredient on the label: narrow-leaved coneflower.

Even the most avid gardeners probably haven’t heard of this ancient herb, but don’t let that fool you! It’s a powerful herb that targets anxiety symptoms like nervousness and worry.

Plus, with no synthetic ingredients, you can feel confident in its safety for daily use.

3. Pure Encapsulations – Cortisol Calm

It’s promise: Designed to help support the body’s natural resistance to stress.

Cortisol Calm is a blend of natural ingredients that can help calm the nervous system and support a healthy stress response.

4. Gaia Herbs – Adrenal Health Daily Support

This supplement’s promise: It’s designed to nourish and support the adrenal glands, which can become fatigued due to chronic stress.

It contains a blend of adaptogenic herbs and other natural ingredients to support healthy adrenal function and promote balanced energy levels.

Bye-bye stress and anxiety

Ready to reset and rebalance your brain and body? Pick a stress relief supplement that contains good-for-you ingredients!

  • Stick with all-natural supplements for stress. Plant- and food-based nutrients are easy for our body to absorb and use, while the nutrients in synthetic supplements aren’t as effective.
  • Make sure it’s safe to take daily. Stress and anxiety supplements should be safe for daily or regular use. (That’s another benefit of natural ingredients versus synthetic ones!)
  • It should target both the mind and body. The best supplements for stress and anxiety will help both physical and mental health.
  • Read reviews. Scope out what other buyers are saying.

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