How to Add Some Personality to Your Home

How to Add Some Personality to Your HomeI put together this guide with the various ways to add some personality into your home. So, let’s get started discovering a few of them today.

A home should be something that makes you feel at home. It should be a way to express yourself and inspire you. It is far more than four walls and some functional things and a bed.

There is nothing worse than coming home to a bland place that does nothing to connect with your inner self.

This is not somewhere you can feel yourself relax fully and be you. You need to put some work into your home to bring out these aspects of your personality. Luckily there are a wide range of things that you can do to create a home you love.

I’m writing this article because I’m committed to helping people to live their happiest lives. I wrote a bestselling Bounce Back Ebook loaded up with resiliency psychology tools.

Plus I founded the groundbreaking video course called The Anxiety Cure.

So I wrote this article with various ways to add some personality into your home – so you can create a happier home. Let’s get started!

Tips To Personality and Style to Your Home

1. Utilize Unusual Materials

When it comes to furniture, you have a wide range of materials that you can use. You don’t always have to choose the standard things. Why not try some reclaimed material, such as these wooden shelves? You can achieve a more authentic look and feel. There is another other material too. Maybe head down the tip and see what has been saved from the dump and see if you can make something new out of it.

Perhaps head to a thrift shop to find some unusual materials you can make something out of. You can always buy new material and get creative. If you know how to weld, you can use old parts of motorbikes or cars to fashion some great ornaments.

It is up to you, but if you are prepared to put in a little effort and create something, you can make something new and unusual out of old materials.  

2. Reupholster

Another way to turn something old into something new is to reupholster. There are plenty of videos out he teaching you how to do it. So, all you really need is a little motivation. You can find gorgeous materials that really highlight an aspect of your personality. You can use it on that old armchair or sofa and breathe new life into it without forking out for a new one.

Turing the old into something new is a great way to protect the environment too. You can reupholster wooden things fairly easily too. All you need to do is sand these things down and then repaint, varnish or stain. Consider using wallpaper over that old wardrobe if that takes your fancy.

3. Use Color

A splash of color here and there is a great idea. You can paint all four walls of a single room different colours if you like, or add a brightly colored wall mural. Color can be used to create a certain mood. Colour psychology may be something you want to look into if you want to use color to promote an emotion or to have an effect.

Remember that you can also paint outside in the garden. Cover that old wall in outside wall art is a great way to make it beautiful. Color is also found in artwork too, so why not find the most colorful pieces you can and use them? It doesn’t really matter how you do it, but if you want more yellow, for example, in your home, you will find a way.   

4. Mix Up Your Patterns

You either have to choose one pattern for a room or have a whole load of mixed and merged patterns. The more clashing patterns you get, the more it seems to work ironically. So, go for it. Find cushion covers, images, canvases, ornaments, throws, rugs, all with different patterns on and choose the ones that you like and fill up your rooms with them. If you are creative, having a home with all these things can inspire you. It can help you break that writer’s block. Plus it can give you ideas. And it can motivate you to do something.

Remember, this is your house, and maybe some people would not like it, but that is them not you. We all have to learn how to express ourselves in our own homes without worrying about what the world will think. They don’t have to live there, you do. 

5. Plants 

Plants are another great way to express yourself. You can go for house plants and garden plants and who you choose can make you feel in a certain. Some plants can be used to destress you, others to block out sound. Plants can even be used to keep the home more temperate.

When it comes to indoor plants, consider the pot you want to put them in. Hanging pots look great, as do those hemp rope pots. Choose pots that add to your personality, not detract.  

Stay Calm While Improving Your Home

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