17 Love Quotes For A Husband or Wife about Happy Marriages

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If you want to show some affection to your marital partner, here some love quotes for a husband or wife about happy marriages.

You can share these words of appreciation with them. Or read them silently to remind yourself why you love your husband or wife.

Remember: Your “love language” does not have to be “words of affirmation” in order to want to hear words of praise and encouragement. We all appreciate hearing what’s good and working.

So be sure to share the positives of how you feel often.

And show how you feel – even more often.

After all sometimes it isn’t easy to come up with the right words. But as I tell my coaching clients, you can always do a simple loving gesture like bring your husband or wife breakfast in bed or surprise them with a thoughtful gift or share a warm hug at the right moment.

I am sharing all of this information because I’m a bestselling relationship author and founder of the life changing video course Secrets of Happy Couples.

Plus I also love to help couples to explore an Enneagram personality test together, which allows partners to discover each other’s qualities and communication styles. For example, you can find out if you are more heart or head based when connecting, ultimately growing your connection stronger and cultivating a more harmonious marriage.

Meaning? I am committed to sharing a wide range of love strategies to help couples to enjoy a happy, lasting relationship.

With this in mind, I gathered together this collection of my favorite loving phrases and motivational quotes for husbands and wives.

17 Best Love Quotes for A Husband, A Wife and Happy Marriage

Share these quotes of affection with your husband or wife via email, text or even Instagram.


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Love Quotes For A Husband


husband wife love happy


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want magic in relationship


husband wife quote healthy relationship


relationship standards


Love Quotes For A Husband or wife


husband wife quote common demoninator


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successful love relationship


want a healthy relationship uncomfortable conversation


love relationship with yourself


want a great relationship humble enough regularly ask changes


good love relationship


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marriage quote

Bonus Quote for A Husband To Show Appreciation

find happy relationship

Bonus Quote For a Wife To Show Appreciation

strong woman quote

Show your husband or wife how much you love them

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