6 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Macbeth

Life Lessons You Can Learn From Macbeth

If you want to live your best life, you might enjoy these life lessons you can learn from Macbeth!

Note: This is a guest essay by James Collins

Mistakes and experiences are meant to teach valuable lessons. But they may not be the only ways to learn. You can also learn important lessons from stories – like the ones told to children. Yes, these stories are not just meant for entertainment. These stories are also valuable for passing along helpful information.

6 Life Lessons To Learn From Macbeth

Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers in the world, wrote about the tragic story of Macbeth. His masterpieces are still valuable today to educate audiences of important lessons of life – which we’ll explore below.

1. Take responsibilities for your actions

apology disrespect respect quoteNo matter the evil in your surroundings, you are the only person capable of taking responsibility in your position. The onus in the case of Macbeth was on Macbeth, rather than the witches or lady Macbeth. 

Take a moment now to think about the story Shakespeare shared in Macbeth. Lady Macbeth questions her husband’s manhood. She wishes she could be “unsexed.” She provides the will and brains behind the plotting of her husband. Macbeth relates this evil and chaos with women. As a result, many people believe Macbeth is one of the most misogynistic plays by Shakespeare. 

2. Be careful of people you trust

toxic people dramaThis lesson comes out clearly at the initial stages of the play during the first act and second scene. King Duncan trusted Thane of Cowder and he betrayed the king during the battle. Duncan failed to learn from mistakes. He ended up trusting Macbeth, who was considered untrustworthy.

King Duncan believed that Macbeth was good and of noble character. But later Macbeth slaughtered Duncan while asleep.

Plus, Malcolm, who was the eldest son of Duncan, was approached to replace his father as king. Malcolm chose not to be so trusting like his father. 

3. The nature of a woman is different than a man’s nature

woman calm warning Lady Macbeth is known to have demanded unknown witches to make her blood thick and have the gall in place of milk. The yellow bile came in excess and this turned to be insolvent and ruthless. This topic is so rich, you might be inspired to write about it further on your blog, or in a book or even in an essay in college.

If you do choose to write about Macbeth, keep in mind the following…

Maybe you want your audience to understand life lessons about Macbeth, and more so about the nature of a woman. Take time to find some specific suggested essay topics on Macbeth .These examples can guide you on how to develop a draft and structure it professionally. 

4. The willingness to bring about change is a sign of great leadership

quote growth change discomfort painGreat leaders must desire to make a change and possess characteristics that can enable them to fulfill their responsibilities. Shakespeare’s story of tragedy used a structure dubbed “hamartia” – where a celebrated person is affected by a dangerous flaw.

As a leader, you should avoid being ambitious without morality.

Basically, if you want to become a CEO, avoid murdering the incumbent or losing your mind. Instead, start small and be progressive.

Macbeth is like a parable representing what may happen when the ambitions of a man outstrip his instincts. As a leader, you should be focused on taking up your responsibilities by upholding morality. 

5. Greed takes away and is not satisfactory

Macbeth had a strong desire to acquire a great title. This desire was triggered by the lower titles she previously possessed, including Thane of Cowder.  Unfortunately, greed is common with people who can do anything to get into power.

Shakespeare’s play Macbeth identifies a noble man and the struggles for powers. In this play, Macbeth is often seen changing his wife’s influences, Lady Macbeth, and the changes lead to the fall of Macbeth. The lesson learned: You should avoid using a sense of manipulation to attain power or position. 

different beautiful karen salmansohn quote6. Have your own mind and don’t be easily persuaded

Macbeth struggled to make many decisions as a result of being overpowered and manipulated by lady Macbeth. Such external and internal influences are manifested in people’s lives and may influence decision-making.

The lesson learned: Avoid being swayed away by such influences or acting upon impulse. Some conditions and situations call for you to obey your instincts and make independent and informed decisions.

Conclusion on Life Lessons Learned From Macbeth

Shakespeare’s play is not just entertaining but is highly educative. The lessons highlighted above are valuable and insightful. They can be passed on to upcoming generations. The play is a true representation of corrupt, powerful, and immoral leaders who choose status while being driven by manipulation and greed. Despite Shakespeare’s word choice and language being complicated, you can focus on the theme of the play to gather insights and a proper understanding of the content. 

Author’s Bio: James Collins loves challenges and coming up with his best work when you assign him some difficult writing task. He is skilled at writing academic papers.

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