Things at Home That Can Affect Your Skin

Things at Home That Can Affect Your SkinDiscover the things in your home that affect your skin – which is your body’s largest organ. A simple change can stop a rash or improve your skin’s texture.

The body’s skin barrier is the fastest regenerated organ, as well as the largest.

Our skin experiences a lot of abuse from external sources while waiting for new skin cells.

As you might know, I’m a health and wellness expert. In my bestselling longevity book, Life is Long, I share many research-based secrets to living healthier, longer, younger.

In this particular article I will be sharing insights on how to protect your health by protecting your skin.

Things at Home That Can Affect Your Skin

There are a surprising number of everyday things at home that can affect your skin negatively. Whatever your skincare routine, avoid these factors at home to help maintain your skin’s beauty and moisture.

1. Hair Products

A common thing in your home that can affect your skin: certain hair products can create an itchy rash or other reactions on your face. If you notice irritation or acne along your hairline, consider switching hair products or being more conservative during product application.

2. Your Showers

Sometimes a shower is the most relaxing part of our day. But it is important not to overdo it. Of course, your lifestyle and skin type will inform how often you shower. Still, keep these factors in mind to prevent showers from imposing adverse effects on your skin.

3. Doing Something In Excess

Showers can be detrimental to your skin’s health when they are done in excess. Surplus showering strips your skin and hair of its natural oils that are vital to maintain their health. Without these essential oils, skin and hair dry out which can lead to sensitive, cracked skin and a flaky scalp.

4. Water That’s Too Hot

We know it’s tempting but try to keep your shower below sauna-like temperatures. Hot water disassembles the protective covering layer on our skin, known as the acid mantle. This breakdown makes our skin more sensitive and drier. Avoid messing with your skin’s pH balance and use lukewarm water for your face.

5. Water That’s Too Hard

Your home’s water content also has an impact on how your skin feels. If your home’s water system uses hard water, you won’t feel particularly fresh coming out of the shower. Water softeners provide ample benefits to your skin because they filter minerals from getting in contact with your skin. Aside from protecting your skin and hair from feeling grimy, soft water benefits your home in copious ways.

6. Trouble Making Sleep Habits

Believe it or not, our sleep affects our skin.

The two main factors of sleep that influence our skin’s appearance are…

  • how we sleep
  • what we sleep with

Two more common thing in your home that can affect your skin: pillow cases and sheets.

Change your pillow casing and sheets regularly to promote healthier, cleaner skin. These two items are things at home that can affect your skin when not cared for properly, as they generally harbor bacteria and debris.

Get out of the sleep habit of laying face down or on your side, as this brings your face in contact with inevitably bacteria-ridden pillowcases. These positions also exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles, two things folks are always looking to slow the progress of.

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