3 Short, Must-Watch, Motivational Videos With Secrets For Happiness

3 Short, Must-Watch, Motivational Videos With Secrets For HappinessDepressed? Stressed? Angry? Bitter? I’ve got happy news, if you want to feel happier! I have 3 short, must-watch, motivational videos – each with research-backed secrets for happiness.

Yes, I’ve been busy adding more happiness-boosting videos onto my NotSalmonTV Channel.

If you have’t yet subscribed to my NotSalmonTV Channel. I offer a series of inspirational videos with happiness tools you can use daily to instantly boost your mood!

  • Video #1: Morning Meditation

This guided meditation will help you become – and stay – calm, confident and focused – so you go into your day with a helpful head start.

  • Video #2: 8 Ways To Forgive and Forget

Learn research-backed resiliency tools to free your mind and heart from anger and resentment.

  • Video #3: 4 1/2 Happiness Boosters

Check out this 3rd video, to get more encouraging tools to think happier. In particular learn about something called “helper’s high”!

3 Short, Must-Watch, Motivational Videos With Secrets For HappinessClick those links. Watch for 60 or so seconds.

Smile. Aha! Ahhh…..

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Think happier. Think calmer.

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