How to Change Your Life and Rewrite Your Destiny

change your life rewrite your destiny

Want to change your life and rewrite your destiny? Here’s a research based tool – which brings added happiness for two important reasons.

I recommend journaling!

When you keep a journal, you get a chance to rewrite your interpretations of how you view yourself and your life.

As a result, events can be seen as positive and inspiring – for two reasons, in two different time periods.

Interesting Research on How Journals Change Your Life

Researchers did a variety of experiments involving subjects who kept a journal.

They reported “ordinary events came to be perceived as more extraordinary over time” – both in the present and later on.

  • Firstly, when participants shared about their life in a journal – they felt instantly better. They wound up feeling, “This is not how my story ends.” And this positive thinking then helped them to stay motivated.
  • Secondly, when participants re-read their older writings – years later – they felt better. Why? Because they wound up rediscovering what had happened in their life – and realizing how much they had grown.

JOURNAL writingWriting down your ordinary, regular-day experiences has two benefits.

  • Journaling is not only a way to be happier in the moment.
  • It is also a way of banking up some happiness points later on – down the road. 

You can even change the bad in your life – to become good stuff.

When you re-read all the challenging stuff you went through – and see how you stayed strong and persevered – you wind up becoming proud of your accomplishments.

Change your life and rewrite your destiny

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