Social Media and Online Rants

ranting in today's world

It’s weird to think that before social media… all the online rants people love to share… were staying trapped inside people’s heads.

Think about it. Before the digital age, where did all our spicy takes go?

Just bouncing around in our heads?

It’s wild to consider that once upon a time, every heated opinion didn’t get its 15 minutes of fame on the internet.

Maybe there’s some wisdom in not sharing every rant on social media.

Still, it makes you appreciate the double-edged sword of technology.

  • We can share…. but should we always?

Just some food for thought in this age of oversharing.

At the end of the day, remember this about ranting online:

It’s okay for some rants to just be dinner table talk… and not global news.

But I guess THIS is MY rant, eh?

-Karen Salmansohn


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