Celebrating Birthdays In Style: 5 Inspiring Ideas

Celebrating Birthdays In Style: Inspiring IdeasWhen it comes to birthdays we want to have the very best time. Whether it is our own, or one of our closest family or friends, we will do what we can to make it a memorable event.

Birthday parties were the norm as children, but as you get older you don’t make such a big deal out of it.

But why not? There is no need to feel guilty for wanting to celebrate your special day.

With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can celebrate a birthday in style, whether it is yours or a birthday you are organizing.

5 Ideas For Celebrating Birthdays In Style

Let’s hope it gives you the inspiration you need. 

1. Fancy dress party

Maybe you like the idea of throwing a party, but want something a little more than just the average gathering. A great idea would be to consider a fancy dress party instead. You could go with a theme, perhaps giving people an idea of the type of costume they should wear, or be totally unique with your choices or maybe something a little more retro or vintage. The options are endless but fancy dress is always a lot of fun and it allows the excitement to build in the lead up as people debate what to wear and bring their costumes to life. 

2. A day out at the races

Maybe you want something a little more upmarket, and often an excuse to dress up would be a day out at the races. Spending time in the champagne bar or going to the side of the course and cheering on the horse you just backed, it is certainly a fun day out and for a group of friends can be the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. 

3. Afternoon tea   

If you do like to stick with the theme of something a little more upmarket than a big gathering then the best idea would be to consider something like an afternoon tea in a hotel. A glass of champagne, some cute little sandwiches and gorgeous cakes can be the ideal way to spend an afternoon. Plus it gives you a chance to talk to the people you have gone alone with. Make it the ideal way to spend a birthday with your closest friends and family. 

4. A meal in a fancy restaurant

If you consider yourself a foodie then a meal out at a fancy restaurant might just be the perfect way to spend your birthday. You may just do it with your partner, or perhaps a few select people, but it is such an initiate way to spend a birthday celebration. If you do want to make it a bit special then some balloons to decorate the table, or even consider a private dining option where you can decorate the room could also be an option. You could even splash out and go to the latest new restaurant opening or Michelin starred place. 

5. Some time at a fun attraction 

Finally, why not have some fun for your birthday and make a day of it. This could be anything from going to a theme park to check out the latest roller coasters and thrill rides, or it could be something more local such as a sea life Center or a museum with a new exhibition you are interested in seeing. 

Let’s hope that this has given you some inspiration on how you can celebrate your birthday in style. 

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