10 NLP Phrases to Stop Food Cravings – From A Wellness Expert

NLP Phrases to Stop Food Cravings From A Wellness ExpertIf you’re struggling to stop food cravings, try these NLP phrases from a wellness expert to master your urge to overeat and binge.

We all have had those moments where it’s hard to stop those irresistible food cravings. Often it’s late at night, standing in front of the fridge. And it’s usually not because we’re starving, but because we’re feeling… something.

Maybe it’s sadness, boredom, or just the weight of a long day.

But often the urge to eat isn’t really about hunger. It’s about emotions.

I know about this all too well – because I’m a recovered emotional eater. I’ve experienced far too many midnight brownie binges.

But over time, thankfully, I learned the difference between eating for my body – and eating for my emotions.

I have learned there are 2 types of food cravings.

  • Physical hunger: This is your body’s polite reminder, saying, “Hey, could use a snack here.” It builds slowly and stops when you’ve had enough.
  • Emotional hunger: This is more like a siren, blaring at you to eat because you’re upset or stressed. And the problem? It doesn’t shut off when you’re full. You can eat an entire chocolate cake and still hear, “More, please!”

Because I’m a bestselling wellness author and leading Behavioral Change Expert, I went into research mode to learn how to control my food cravings which came from emotional hunger.

And I discovered some helpful psychological tools – like mindful and intuitive eating – as well as techniques from NLP, CBT, and DBT. Those all were game-changers for me.

So I decided to share everything I learned in my therapist and nutritionist recommended online program, “The Stop Emotional Eating Course.

The goal of my emotional eating course: To put you in control of your eating habits – to help you to master your cravings.

Plus I decided to write this article about NLP phrases to stop food cravings, because I’m committed to helping as many people as possible to stop binge eating for good.

So, if you’ve ever felt betrayed by a cookie’s seductive glance, I’m here to help.

Let’s dive into how to handle those food craving moments without the post-binge regret.

10 NLP Phrases to Stop Food Cravings

These NLP phrases will help you to become more mentally fit – and thereby help you to improve your physical fitness as well.

1. “This is just a thought, not a command.”

Why it stops the craving: It reminds you that cravings are mere thoughts. They come and go. They’re not imperial decrees.

Use it when: That chocolate cake in the fridge starts calling your name at midnight.

2. “I nourish to flourish.”

Why it silences the hunger: Redirects your attention to the true purpose of food: nourishment.

Use it when: You’re about to inhale that third doughnut.

3. “I’m in charge, not the cake (chips, pizza, etc).”

NLP Phrases to Stop Food Cravings From A Wellness ExpertWhy it helps: Asserts your power over food choices.

Use it when: Fast food temptations hit hard.

4. “Every bite is a choice.”

Why it counters the craving: Reminds you of your agency in every food decision.

Use it when: Buffet lines seem like an all-you-can-eat challenge.

5. “Breathe in calm, breathe out craving.”

Why it’s effective: Uses the calming power of breath to diffuse immediate food cravings.

Use it when: Stress-eating pangs arise.

6. “This moment will pass.”

Why it’s a game-changer: Reinforces the temporary nature of cravings.

Use it when: Late-night snack thoughts interrupt your Netflix binge.

7. “I eat to fuel, not to fill voids.”

Why it’s a lifesaver: Targets emotional eating by recognizing the difference between physical hunger and emotional voids.

Use it when: Loneliness or sadness strikes.

8. “Is this a craving or a habit?”

Why it’s brilliant: Gets you to question the root of the urge to eat, making you more mindful.

Use it when: You’re reaching for snacks out of routine.

9. “My well-being is worth more.”

Why it’s stops food cravings: Elevates the importance of overall health and well-being above the transient pleasure of indulging in food.

Use it when: Temptations threaten to derail your health goals.

10. “Am I feeding my emotions or my body?”

Why it reduces food cravings: Forces you to pause and differentiate between emotional hunger and actual physical need for food.

Use it when: You’re on autopilot, reaching for a snack.

Conclusion: NLP Phrases And Food Cravings

When it comes to food cravings, battles are lost and won in the mind. With these NLP phrases, you’re not just armed – but armored.

But hey, if you find yourself needing more than just a phrase or two, let’s chat. I’m not only a leading Behavioral Change Expert – I’m also a recovered emotional eater.

I’d love to help support you in embracing the world of mindful eating and mental mastery.

>> Join me for a 1-on-1 Mindset Mastery Session on Zoom.

Learn to Regulate Your Emotions So You Stop Food Cravings

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