Is it worth adopting a senior dog? (6 reasons to say yes!)

Is it worth adopting a senior dog?Puppy love is universal. Your closest buddy acquired a puppy, and you’re jealous. It’s natural to adopt a younger dog. Nonetheless, elderly dogs may be rewarding.

The vast majority of senior pet are still in good physical shape.

Even if senior pets are only starting to show the first indications of aging, they are not absent from a major pre-existing medical condition in their last years.

In addition, they are not usually plagued by health problems.

Plus they are super adorable, sweet and loving companions that can help to relieve stress.

Coming up in this article, I  will share about all the many reasons why it’s good to adopt senior dogs.

6 reasons why it’s worth adopting a senior dog

These are six examples in which adopting an older dog might be the finest choice you’ve ever made.

1. Elderly pets also need homes.

Many people who might give a good home to an adult dog would rather adopt a puppy or a younger dog instead. Many of the older dogs we have up for adoption are former family pets who, for various reasons, have found themselves in our care and need new homes. They are just as devoted and affectionate as younger pups and eager to demonstrate this trait.

2. Less Supervision

Like above, elderly dogs are calmer and require less monitoring. They sleep as you watch TV. Get some work done while at home? The best of luck to you in dealing with a puppy that always insists on being the center of attention. The geriatric canine is content to chill out by your side. They still require their regular walks, but senior dogs often have less excess energy that has to be expended before they start misbehaving.

3. Elderly dogs are grateful.

Many of our adopters are adamant in their conviction that the senior dogs they have taken into their homes are well aware of how lucky they are and that they are incredibly grateful for the second opportunity at happiness their new owner has bestowed upon them. 

From their point of view, life is great, and they appreciate the additional attention, cuddling time, and treats.

4. They will never expand in size.

Shelter dogs tend to be a mix of different breeds. This makes it difficult, almost impossible, to predict their final size. You never know when that adorable puppy you can hold in one arm may grow into a hulking 80-pound bully. Honestly, anything may happen.

New collars, harnesses, and sometimes kennels are needed during puppyhood. Size up every few weeks if you appreciate clothing for your dog. Senior dogs are mature as advertised. So, a growth surge won’t force you to replace the year-old kennel with a larger one. Cute collar? Fits forever.

5. There are still a lot more years filled with joy and love to come.

Don’t dismiss the five-year-old puppy just because of her age. Dogs typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years. However, certain breeds can live considerably longer. Make an appointment with your dog’s doctor to discuss the best methods to care for an adopted elderly dog.

6. The feeling-good factor is unbeatable.

Adopting an older dog may be a particularly enriching and satisfying experience. They have earned the right to spend the latter years of their lives in a warm and welcoming environment, surrounded by members of their family who care for them and refuse to give up on them.

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