Great Gifts to Buy Your Mother: Presents for Special Occasions

Great Gifts to Buy Your Mother: Presents for Special OccasionsIf you have to get presents for special occasions for your mom, here are some great gifts to buy your mother.

Buying presents for family members can mean having to negotiate a minefield of potential disasters. There is the danger of getting the wrong thing entirely or, even worse, being found guilty of phoning it in with a catch-all type of gift that could be for anyone and equally uninspiring for all, such as, yes, you guessed it, socks.

If you conducted the requisite amount of research to see which family member leads to the highest levels of anxiety from the individual who is doing the buying, the most commonly cited individual would almost certainly be your mother.

Either it’s because she will steadfastly insist she doesn’t need anything or because she’s a tough nut to crack, the fact is that getting presents for mothers is a perennial problem that seems to affect almost all of us.

If it’s for a birthday, she will more than likely tell us not to go to any bother, and if it’s the festive season, she’ll insist that she has everything she needs. In many ways, this means we get off lightly when we don’t put a lot of effort into the occasion or just simply don’t buy her anything at all.

The truth is that mothers clearly want gifts on special occasions, but they don’t want to admit that fact to you.

This year why not make an extra effort and try to come up with gift ideas that will really hit home?

7 Great Gifts to Buy Your Mother for Special Occasions

To help you in this potentially unenviable task, I’ve come up with some adorable and inexpensive gift ideas for your mother that could be just the ticket.

1. Personalized Jewelry

A great way to mark a special occasion, or just to let your mother know how much you love her, might be to give her the gift of mother-daughter jewelry. Items of this kind come in many different shapes and sizes, and they sometimes involve paired-up pieces that match together, which adds an additional layer of significance and meaning.

Everyone loves getting jewelry as a gift as it’s a luxury item that has longevity, and if you can pair this with a gift that has statement value or even that wow factor, then you have really succeeded.

Personalized custom-made jewelry is a great way to do this, and the market has expanded a great deal in recent years, and the cost of such items is often far lower than you might initially expect it to be.

2. Online Course Membership

If your mother is always trying new things, looking for self-improvement, and is the type that doesn’t let the grass grow underneath her feet, then a gift of learning is a great thoughtful route to take.

An online course membership for a specific skill set will be a great gift if she’s trying to broaden her horizons. If she’s trying to up her game in the kitchen, then a Gordon Ramsay course would be an interesting proposition to consider. Margaret Atwood runs a very educational creative writing course if she wants to finally write that novel, or perhaps an Annie Leibovitz photography class would be more up her street.

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The choices are numerous, and this is an excellent, considerate option that she’ll really appreciate.

3. Custom-Made Family Photo Puzzle

The humble jigsaw puzzle once again became a popular item during the coronavirus pandemic, and now you can make custom puzzles at your leisure. So, why not get one for your mom to complete?

Use a great family photo as the basis of the puzzle, and then set it to as many pieces as you think appropriate. This is, again, a present that has multiple connotations. It’s a fun activity and has the added bonus of being a great sentimental idea for a present that your mom will surely love.

4. Garden Tool Set

If your mother has retired and has taken to gardening as a hobby to invigorate her mind, body, and soul, then you can help her maximize the process by buying her a garden tool set that includes all the apparatus she could need.

A GardenHOME set comes with an 11-piece set as well as a canvas bag that also works as a gardening apron. This means she’s all set to get to work in the back and front yard.

5. Spa Date

If you want to pamper your mom, then why not book her a spa date? If you like, you can join her, and it would be a great chance to just relax and take it easy. Alternatively, you can make this more of a home-based activity. Buy her a nice plush robe, some comfy slippers, candles, and essential oils, and you can even book an experienced masseuse for added value.

This is ideal for those mothers who are very active and perhaps need to unwind every now and then.

6. Dog Lover

If your mom has a pet that she’s adored for years, why not consider getting a custom-made pet watercolor portrait? This is a nice present to give to a mother who dotes on her pet and has done for years.

It can also be a lovely gift if her dog has recently passed away. Get the picture nicely framed either way and then she can hang it on the wall or place it on the mantelpiece as a reminder of her favorite pooch.

7. For Stylish Moms

If your mom always likes to be the center of attention when she’s with her friends, then you can seek to give her a boost in the fashion stakes. Get together with your siblings and get her a designer bag, something that she’ll very much appreciate.

Though the costs of high-end accessories, like an elegant Fendi Baguette Bag, are high, these items last for years, and you definitely get what you pay for. Also, if she’s into high fashion, she’ll know just how much you all invested in the gift, and that will be something that truly registers how you’ve pushed the boat out this year.

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