How Good Is Cycling for Weight Loss?

How Good Is Cycling for Weight Loss?

If you’re trying to be healthier, then you’ll be interested to learn how good is cycling for weight loss. Read on for the health benefits of riding bikes.

Weight loss is the most common motivational element that leads a person to any kind of exercise. It is natural to wonder whether a particular exercise or activity will help you lose weight? 

There are tons of exercises and activities that you can do to shed some pounds.

However, cycling is an excellent cardio workout.

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With this in mind, I put together this simple guide about cycling and weight loss.

How Good Is Cycling for Weight Loss?

Let’s go through some helpful information about “how good is cycling for weight loss”. 

Increases good fat:

Cycling is similar to aerobic exercise, having a moderate intensity. A good 40-60 minutes of cycling will help you reduce belly fat.

But, that’s not all! Cycling also promotes and enhances good fat. 

Through cycling, you can increase your high-density lipoprotein levels.

The increase in lipoprotein levels eliminates high health risks and also helps in the weight-loss journey. 

exercise healthy habitBuilding the muscles:

Losing weight is difficult, but maintaining body weight is even worse. Especially; when the muscle-building process is slow. To burn more calories and fat, you need to put some power into your pedals. 

The weak muscles will not let you cycle properly. But, here is a catch—cycling builds muscles. However, you need to be consistent with your cycling routine.

Intermittent cycling:

You must have heard about intermittent fasting. How about intermittent cycling? Yes, empty stomach cycling is an effective way to burn fats and calories. But, it would help if you start slow; you can not start cycling on the first day of your intermittent fasting. 

Start with an 8-hour interval, as it will help you in getting in the line. You will notice impressive results after a week. Nonetheless, it will be tiring to continue; you can have a cup of coffee before starting your ride. Moreover, if you are cycling for about 2 hours without eating any food, change your approach and go slow. 

Burns belly fat:

eating healthy weight lossThe majority of the people struggle in losing belly fat. Training your core and losing belly fat is a difficult task. Cycling is as good as a cardio workout, and the best way to burn belly fat is to do cardio. 

Hence, cycling helps in burning the fat around your belly. But, it all depends upon your effort; you can burn between 500-1100 calories per hour. The per-hour rate of burning calories depends upon your intensity. 

To keep track of your total daily calorie expenditure for maintaining or losing weight, you should use a tdee calculator to take care of your calories according to your age, gender, weight, and body fats.

Not to mention, for high-intensity cycling, you need to have a comfort-relation with your bike. The crank of your bike allows you to convert the energy given by your leg to drive the cycle in a forward motion. 

Therefore, you must check your bike’s crank; your energy should not go down the lane. Cycling also impacts basal metabolic rate and muscle mass. The resistance that you give to the pedals while cycling helps in building muscles. The stronger the muscles, the easier the weight-loss journey.

Keep in mind…

  • If you have decided to cycle for weight loss, plan it properly. You won’t be able to start with 30 minutes straight. Increase the duration by 15 minutes per week.
  • And if you are not going to cycle regularly, maintain a flow to ride at least 3-4 times per week. Monitor your impact and body composition. Stay hydrated and don’t lose focus; you can lose some pounds by cycling with the right approach.

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