12 Exciting Outdoor Date Ideas He Will Love

outdoor date ideasHead to the outdoors with a loved one to keep romance alive – with these exciting outdoor date ideas.

Do you need outdoor date ideas that will add more spark and excitement to your relationship?

A focus on cute outdoor romantic dates can be just the thing to bring you and your loved one closer!

Consider these fun outdoor date ideas.

1. Experiment with Drive Through Restaurants

Get in your car and go on a “Drive Through Restaurant Tour.”

Sample a little food from each place.

Have fun ordering your food in funny voices or funny ways.

Or if you don’t have access to a car or drive-through restaurants, you can simply find a restaurant with a beautiful garden setting and enjoy an outdoor date there – with no car involved.

2. Tour Your City

Spend quality time with your partner touring different parts of your city.

Be sure to bring along a camera or cell phone to take beautiful pictures.

3. Go on a Camping Date

Going on a camping date is a romantic idea. You can set up a tent and snuggle up with your partner  – enjoying the breathtaking outdoor scenery. This 2 person canvas tent with stove would be just what you need for a romantic evening.

You can build a fire and enjoy a delicious bottle of wine together on your camping date.

Here is a recent Camping Forge blog post that you can read to learn more about outdoor camping.

4. Cook Outdoors Together

Cooking with your partner is a fun activity and makes a romantic outdoor date idea.

Think about your partner’s favorite foods and cook these foods outdoors. While you’re cooking together, you can also listen to romantic music to make your date more appealing.

5. Drive-In Movie Date

A drive-in movie date is one of the cutest ideas for a playful, romantic outdoor date idea. What’s more enjoyable than sitting outside in your vehicle, eating popcorn, and watching a fun movie?

You’ll have your private spot outside, where you can talk, eat, and have a good laugh with your man.

6. Try Apple Picking

Apple picking is a romantic adventure. Instead of being cooped up indoors, you can invite your partner to a fun day of apple picking.

Before you plan this date, consider the peak picking season. Early September to mid-October is usually the best time for apple picking.

7. Choose a Backyard Picnic

Don’t forget to include a backyard picnic in your outdoor date ideas. This is a cool way to take your partner to dinner.

You can set up a picnic table, prepare delicious meals, and you can even hang waterproof wall art to beautify your outdoor space even more.

8. Relax by a Fire Pit

For a sweet outdoor date night, you and your partner can relax by the fire for a fire pit date night.

Choose a nice outdoor spot, build a fire, and toast marshmallows with your date.

9. Go on a Cycling Date

Surprise your partner with a fun cycling date. Cycling can also become a traditional activity that you both can enjoy during the warm months.

Cycling helps you to avoid a horrible date and keeps both of you healthy and active.

10. Try Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fun outdoor date idea. If your partner likes adventure, rock climbing is a trendy outside date idea that he will appreciate.

11. Go on a Hiking Date

You can establish a great bond with your partner on a hiking date. This date is active, fun, and may help you to have a better bond.

A hiking date allows you to explore nature and to learn more about each other.

12. Visit A Secluded Beach

A visit to a secluded beach is an excellent outdoor date idea. You can achieve the perfect date by going to the beach.

Your beach dates can be romantic, fun, and the best place for lovers.

Discover the Best Outdoor Date Ideas

Use these outdoor date ideas whenever you need a romantic and fun date to bring you closer.

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