What Can Make An Engagement Ring Extra Special

Here's What Makes An Engagement Ring Extra SpecialEngagement rings have always held a certain power and mystique. It’s not just the design that is important – but the hopes and wishes it expresses.

An engagement ring is not the final ring that a partner will wear.

It represents the beginning of dreams coming true – and that is exactly what an engagement ring is supposed to symbolize when worn –  the beginning of a happy marriage.

Basically, engagement rings represent the “holding pattern” time – when you plan out a joyous wedding celebration – plus when you plan out your longterm future beyond the wedding itself.

For this reason, an engagement ring should represent the “emotional symbolism” behind why you’re embarking on this life long journey together.

Below are three significant things an engagement ring can represent in your love filled holy partnership together.

Intrinsic personal value

Engagement rings don’t have to be made from an expert’s hand. In fact they don’t have to be all that expensive. They should simply hold some kind of important personal meaning to either you or the groom to be.

Maybe it’s a precious family heirloom which was first owned by someone in past generations.

Or it could be a ring which symbolizes someone’s struggle and inner strength.

Perhaps it can symbolize the long and romantic marriage of another family couple that you know.

It doesn’t have to be made from precious metals or stones. It just needs to have some kind of sentimental value.

Intrinsic quality value

If you cannot find or do not have a ring that represent something personal, you can explore getting a high quality ring.

Diamonds are always in style, they simply do not leave the top perch of most desired. Consider getting a proper Certified Diamond Engagement Ring that has been acknowledged as high quality precious stone. Maybe you want a thick square diamond that has a large presence about it.

The most popular kind if the multi-sided fine cut diamond that might be smaller but the quality of the cutting and shape is unmatched.

On the other hand you can also have a rhombus shaped diamond that is long and tall, which sticks out from the ring to have a really high end appeal.

Intrinsic symbolic value

An engagement ring should be something to behold – which represents the start of a long romantic journey.

It should hold a sentimental meaning to you both – but it doesn’t always have to be expensive – and in fact it should never upstage your wedding ring. You can design an engagement ring yourself – with a jeweler – and you don’t need to make it expensive. Or you can pick a non traditional stone or metal – as long as the design itself holds some emotional symbolic value.

Wedding rings tend to be gold – so might even want to explore an engagement ring which is silver or perhaps even platinum – so both the engagement ring and the wedding ring each feel special in different ways.

Plus keep in mind…you might not want to upstage your wedding ring by wearing an engagement ring which is better than – or not distinguishable from – your wedding ring.

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