A Quick Quiz to Help You Make Your Life Easier – by Yazminh

Note: This is a guest essay by Yazminh

Do you get overly anxious about the unfamiliar?

Do you tend to make life more difficult than it need be?

Here’s a Quick Quiz to test how much you unnecessarily make mountains out of molehills.

Which of the 4 categories below are molehills versus mountains.

  1. You didn’t get that bonus? (Answer: Molehill.)
  2. Your flight is delayed a few hours? (Answer: Molehill.)
  3. Your in-laws don’t like you? (Answer: Hairy Molehill.)
  4. Your kid got a huge tattoo the second she turned 18? (Answer: Molehill that looks like a mountain, because you’re looking at it super-closely.)

In the above examples, no loved-one was in mortal danger. Basic human needs were not taken way. No one was incarcerated. No war zone appeared. Life got the hiccups – but not a flat line.

How to Make Your Life EasierLife can be tricky. Objects often appear larger than they really are. Sometimes things are difficult to gauge. I get it.

But let’s say you’re walking along, and you encounter a molehill. Would you throw on your hiking gear to move past it? Would you feel so overwhelmed that you would turn around and go home?

Then don’t go overboard with the proverbial molehills that pop up in life!

This doesn’t mean that you keep walking around like they don’t exist.  After all, you don’t walk on bumpy ground the same way you would on a flat surface.  You want to make sure you don’t kick through those molehills. Basically, you just need to become aware of the molehills, then exert just the right effort to get past them. (But not extreme effort!) Simply step over or walk around the molehill. Kaput.

On the same token, don’t make molehills out of anthills, either.

How to Make Your Life EasierFor example…

How I spell my name (Yazminh) has thrown off so many people. They tackle it with fancy high knees or cartwheels. They see the “h,” and flip out –  adding sounds of letters that aren’t even there: “Yazmeen,” “Jazmin,” “Jazmeen,” etc. I even get mail addressed to “Yazmitch,” “Yasminth,” and the like.

Others approaching this anthill of my name see it as the anthill it is, and directly ask: “How do you pronounce your name?”

It’s actually pretty easy. My name is spelled phonetically – with the exception of the silent “h” at the end. Even if you pronounced the “h,” it’d all work out. Nothing wrong with a sigh after a job well done! (Note: If you took the chance to read my name as it’s written, bravo for seeing it as it is, but not worse than it is!)

Your Assignment:

List the humps you’re stressing over right now on a piece of paper. Go through and circle the ones that are truly mountains. Recognize that the rest are only molehills and address them accordingly.

If you need a bit more help figuring out how big your problem is – ask yourself these 2 questions…

How to Make Your Life Easier1. Will anyone die, be harmed, endangered, or lose their civil rights from this?

 “Yes” = You’re justified to be concerned; continue to 2.

 “No” = MOLEHILL – continue to 2.

2. Is solving this my job?

 “Yes” = Take care of your biz! Keep in mind the size of your hump.


Remember: Choose your bumps wisely! Size does matter!

Note: This is a guest essay by Yazminh

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