Low Maintenance Friends

Low Maintenance Friends

“Shout out to low maintenance friends. The ones you don’t talk to for months because you both are busy in life. But when you meet up there’s nothing but love. These friends are golden.”

Here’s an inspiring low maintenance friends quotes about good friendships. The best friends are those who you don’t need to talk with daily to enjoy a deep, lasting connection with. And these friends don’t get upset with you no matter how busy your schedules – or how far away you live.

They’re cool with your crazy life, and you’re cool with theirs. No drama, no guilt trips for not calling.

It’s like, “Hey, haven’t seen you in forever, still alive?” and you both laugh because you get it. Life’s nuts, and they’re the kind of friends who don’t add to the nuttiness. And then when you do catch up, it’s real talk – not just fluff.

Low maintenance friendships can still be very deep relationships.

These friends recognize that it’s not about how often you talk. It’s about how real the talk is when you do.

This kind of low maintenance friendship emphasizes quality over quantity, valuing deep and genuine connections that withstand the test of time and distance.

These low maintenance friends remind us: It’s not about having someone in your face 24/7, but having someone in your corner when it matters.

And that is the kind of low-key, high-value relationship we all need more of.

So, if you’ve got a low-maintenance friend, give them a shoutout. Maybe even share this quote with them. It’s like saying, “I appreciate you, you magnificent, low-key legend.'”

And if you have a low maintenance friend you particularly love, consider gifting them my bestselling friendship book, Friends Forever Whenever Whatever!

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