Go Barefoot: The Mind and Body Benefits

Go Barefoot(Note: This is a guest blog post from the inspiring Trish Fortune.)

I was doing some research on ‘presence’ for a class that I was putting together. I wanted to elaborate on methods of grounding – probably because telling my students to hug a tree or play in the dirt seemed too easy and possibly too woo-woo. Turns out there is a whole movement around grounding – or “Earthing.” Guess what? It is backed by science! So being the big geek that I am for finding methods to improve health and healing, I shifted my research to “Earthing.” I was blown away by what I discovered.

The premise of Earthing is that our planet is a big, huge battery.

When we connect our bodies directly to the earth, we tap into its vast healing energies, restoring our natural electrical state. We lose this ability to recharge ourselves when walking the earth in our insulating-soled shoes – a challenge experienced by all of us in our modern society.

Earthing promises to overcome so many health challenges that researchers have coined it the “missing link” in a new healing paradigm. It is a drug-free way (all natural) to feel better, look better, sleep better and have a greater sense of well-being. Who doesn’t want that!

Feeling Disconnected? Here’s the list of some of the health challenges (pretty much all the bad boys!) that can be alleviated with regular 30 minute Earthing sessions:

• Chronic pain
• Insomnia
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Inflammation
• Premature aging
• Arthritis
• Indigestion
• Fatigue
• Back ache
• High blood pressure
• Jet lag

Earthing is a remarkably simple treatment to promote optimal health in thirty minutes a day with no financial obligation or appointment necessary. You simply expose any part of your body to the earth.

• Wade in the waters of a lake, stream or ocean
• Take a barefoot stroll through a garden
• Lean against the trunk of a tree (my tree hugger friends were onto something!)
• Walk,stand or sit with your feet directly touching sand or grass (even unpaved sidewalks!)

Important disclaimer: Be mindful of where you place your feet – no broken glass or dog poop!

Barefoot is Best…and here’s why…

• The soles of our feet have more nerve endings than any other part of our body.
• The abundance of sweat glands on the bottom of our feet conduct electron flow from the ground up into our bodies.
• Acupuncture point, K1 (Kidney 1 or Bubbling Spring) is located on the sole of the feet. K1 point connects to all points of the body via meridians (what I like to refer to as energy vessels). The Bubbling Spring point is said to open the sensory orifices and calm the Spirit. In acupuncture, this point is used to treat head and neck issues such as headache, blurry vision, sore throat and dizziness. This point also plays a significant role in walking meditation and in Qigong (a form of movement meditation and breath work), grounding us to Earth energy.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist Monk

“Earthing Qigong” – A Trifecta of Healing and Well-being

As a Qigong instructor, I got excited when I saw the Bubbling Springs connection vital to both Earthing and Qigong. I began thinking of innovative ways to integrate these healing techniques and thus, “Earthing Qigong” was born!
Earthing Qigong combines the movement/healing energy of Qigong, the sun’s vitamin D and the limitless healing energy of the Earth to rejuvenate our mind-body-energy.

Kick Off Your Shoes – Relax Your Feet

Does this method seems too simple for you? Or too good to be true? I highly recommend that you give it a try. I have seen some amazing results with my clients (decreased blood pressure medication, more restful sleep, less stress, more peace of mind, etc.). For me, I notice a greater sense of calm after an earthing session. I wake up more refreshed – which gives me more energy to fully engage in life! Needless to say, I am hooked!

Want to learn tools to revitalize your mind-body-spirit? Check out Trish Fortune’s awesome website – where she has lots of helpful tools and philosophies for living at your highest potential in mind-body-spirit – plus some terrific freebies to empower you! CLICK HERE NOW!!

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