To you, the soul reading this. I know you’re tired.

quote to you the soul reading this

 A message to the soul reading this. I know you’re tired.

You’re fed up.

You’re close to breaking down.

But there’s strength within you… even when you feel weak. So, keep going.

The fact that you’re tired is proof you’ve been in the arena, fighting the good fight.

And yes, you’re fed up, but you’re not finished. Not by a long shot.

Because the truth is, we all hit that wall.

But the wall is not the end. It’s the test.

Inside you is a reserve of strength. So, don’t stop now.

Your future self is rooting for you, cheering you on.

Because on the other side of this exhaustion is a you that’s resilient, capable and proud of what you accomplished.

I know you’re tired.

But you got this. Keep going.

-Karen Salmansohn


I’m wrote the above image quote poster about how so many souls feel tired and fed up –  because I’m bestselling personal development author and research geek on behavioral change (with 2 million books and course sold).

I’ve spent decades learning about the psychology needed to improve your life. I offer Mindset Mastery Coaching. Book a free exploratory call here. Plus many thousands of people around the world have benefited from my Tweak a Week Online Course – which offers weekly micro-habit shift video lessons – to help you make small changes that lead to big results.

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