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Do you have kids who are away at college, traveling abroad or at summer camp? Or maybe you have friends and family who live in a distant place – who you miss lots!

open when lettersI have a loving idea for how to sorta kinda sneak yourself into their suitcases – so you can be there for them – cheering them onward and upward!

You’ll love my “Open When Letters”

I created this gorgeously illustrated unique interactive book of “open when letters” – which invites readers to literally open letters of encouragement, wit, and wisdom whenever they need a boost.

You open up little envelopes – found inside of the book – origami style!

Inside each envelope is a beautifully illustrated note of encouragement and support!

This book Open When Letters is inspired by the trend of “open when letters” sweeping the nation. So I created a beautifully bound collection of 12 gorgeously styled notes for readers to flip open whenever they need a pep talk.

open when letter about staying positiveInside “Open When Letters” you’ll find categories like:

  • “Open when you need a laugh”
  • “Open when you’re feeling stressed out”
  • “Open when you need courage”
  • And more!

“Open When Letters” is a perfect gift to give…

  • kids before they head off to college, summer camp or abroad
  • friends or family who live in a distant place
  • loved ones who are in a hospital, rehab, ashram, yoga retreat etc

These beautiful happiness-boosters are based on my viral posters. Each “open when letter” combines witty sayings with gorgeous colorful graphics – giving your loved ones the excitement of opening a secret note! Get more peeks inside here!

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Shirley A. Kalinosky Review

I loved it! Small and right on with the answers.

Thank you

I Love it.

It also got here in perfect timing. I’ve been having a rough few weeks...

Tiffany Engler Review

I wanted this little book because I thought it was the cutest little thing!! It also got here in perfect timing. I've been having a rough few weeks and this book brought up my spirits.

I didn't know what I was expecting for this book. But I do know that I wasn't expecting "letter-like" pages. They even have their own little envelopes!! This book is super adorable. The illustrations are so freaking cute! My favorite one is the unicorn 🙂

I definitely recommend this book to anyone. If you've had a bad day, pick it up. If you need a pick-me-up, read it! It's so inspirational to look at a book like this, everyone should have one.

Open When: A Review

Amazon Customer Review

Inspired by the trend of "open when" letters sweeping the nation, Instant Happy author Karen Salmansohn has created a bound collection of 12 notes for readers to flip open whenever they need a pep talk. With categories like "Open when you need a laugh," "Open when you're feeling stressed out," and "Open when you need courage," these little happiness-boosters are based on Salmansohn's viral posters that combine witty sayings with colorful graphics.

I've seen books around like Open When. Books having unique and creative ways of sharing inspiration there cute funky little books. Open When..Letters to life your spirits is a quick pocket book filled with quotes and sayings to hopefully make you feel better. Also some of them have little actions for you to do. So Open When is a very nice experience to read and maybe pass it on to someone else in need.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review.

A sweet little book

A sweet little book! I made small note cards to go with each page and gave it to those who just need a lift up !

Fantastic Uplifting Book!

Beautiful Book!!! The words are like music to me and uplift my outlook on life. Each letter is unique and focuses on different aspects of life. Love the artwork! I hang the letters up in my home and also in my classroom to bring the positive messages to my students and staff. I would highly recommend this book! Makes a perfect gift to give to loved ones and also for oneself. LOVE LOVE LOVE this little gem of a book!

Absolutely love this!

Absolutely love this!! What a true treasure to find. It made for a simple but very touching going away gift!

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