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What’s Your Potential? How to Know It and Grow It

Originally an article on Oprah.com You know that expression, “The more things change, the more they stay the same?” Well, Aristotle thought of it first. A great philosophical thinker, writer and teacher, Aristotle believed that the universe is in a […]

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Should You Break Up… or Make Up?

Originally an article on Oprah.com I’ve often joked that if life existed on other planets, there’s a quick way to assess if the aliens are more advanced life-form. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with their technology. You […]

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A 10 Second Love Warning

Warning: When you fall for someone with all your heart, remember to take your head with you. – Karen Salmansohn If you’re having a difficult time bouncing back from a bad break up, please check out the resiliency psychology techniques found […]

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So You Had a Bad Day… Here are 23 Happiness Quotes!

So you had a bad day… Remember to keep things in perspective. Read these inspirational quotes -and jumpstart a more positive mindset. If you’re dealing with a challenging event or tough situation, please check out the resiliency psychology techniques found in THE […]

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How To Heal After The Death Of A Loved One

My father, Rubin Salmansohn, passed away 4 years ago, in the month of August. On the day he passed, my mother found a post-marked envelope in my dad’s bedroom bureau drawer  – the date of which revealed that this was something […]

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Appreciate Your Roses

If you’re having a difficult time feeling positive, check out the resiliency psychology techniques found in  THE BOUNCE BACK BOOK.  

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Andrew Hale

Karen – I give you an A ++ on your work for me and my law firm! – Andrew Hale, Andrew M. Hale & Associates

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Kramer-Crasselt Agency

Karen – It was absolutely fantastic to talk to you We couldn’t stop buzzing with ideas after we talked to you, so you definitely inspired us. – Kramer-Crasselt Agency

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Mindy Schultheis

If you feel as if you’re trapped in career slavery – chances are you could use a good laugh along with helpful advice on mastering career problems. Salmansohn supplies both in hefty portions! -Mindy Schultheis, TV producer

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Ariane de Bonvoisin

Life is all about change + how we deal with change makes all the difference. Salmansohn is a wonderful resource to get you back to feeling grounded and optimistic! – Ariane de Bonvoisin, founder of first30days.com

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Sharon Salzberg

Karen Salmansohn will lift your spirits at the same time, focus your path in the truths, challenges and opportunities found in everyday life. – Sharon Salzberg

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