It’s Time to Change Those Comfy Old Negative Patterns

oh honey change comfy negative patterns

Oh, honey, let’s talk about how it’s time to change those comfy old negative patterns you’re snuggled up to.

Ditching them is tough.

It’s like, they suck, but they’re your sucky things, right?

They’re familiar. And change is scary.

So consider this digital post your glittery, neon-lit sign: 

If you want a new better life, you’ve gotta make new better choices.

I know. Change is scary.

Change looms like a high dive into unknown waters.

The water is dark, and who knows what lurks beneath the surface?

And so there you stand on the edge, toes curled over the rough concrete, peering down.

Inside you there’s a voice that whispers:”Stay here – it’s easier.”

But ease is a sly companion, isn’t it?

It lulls you into a false sense of contentment, where nothing grows… except perhaps a sense of “what if…?”

And so it’s time for you to gather your courage to make that leap.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

It’s time to stop listening to the whispers of the devil you know, and summon the courage to step into the unknown, where many wonderful possibilities await you.

You got this.

-Karen Salmansohn


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