Food is fuel not therapy

Food is fuel not therapy

Food is fuel not therapy.

Do you use food as therapy? Do you eat when you’re sad, angry, fearful, self-loathing – to escape uncomfortable emotions?

If so, it’s time to stop allowing your mind to bully your body – and re-learn how to eat to nourish & energize yourself instead.

When you eat in a healthy way, food gives you the fuel you need to…

* show up at your best in your friendships & relationships!
* do the work, sports, hobbies and artistic pursuits you love – at your best level possible!

I know sometimes we can feel a bit powerless around certain foods.

I call these foods “Kryptobites” – because they work like Kryptonite on us!

If you’re experiencing “Food Struggles” then I recommend you join my video course:
“Stop Emotional Eating”.

This is a not a diet program.

It’s a permanent habit changing programming.

The tools inside “Stop Emotional Eating” are based on results-proven psychological techniques.

  • I do NOT recommend that you try another diet – or cleanse – or do any kind of strict eating.
  • Instead my course is about helping you to develop a peaceful relationship with food.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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