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I'm a multi bestselling author and leading behavioral change expert - with 2 million books & courses sold - recommended on Oprah, Psychology Today, Fast Company, Business Week, NYTimes, The Today Show - with fans including Deepak Chopra, Madonna, Tony Robbins, Goldie Hawn, Peter Guber, Arianna Huffington, Tim Feriss, Marie Forleo, Gretchen Rubin - and then some.  

a bit of bio

I began my career working in top NY advertising agencies and became a Senior Creative Director in her 20’s. I quit because I was passionate about using my love for writing and designing to author books.

My first book was a funny novel that I sold to St. Martin’s Press (which received rave reviews from the comedian Jon Stewart – as well as Publisher Weekly, Marie Claire, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, Chicago Tribune). My novel was also optioned by Miramax to be a movie starring Marisa Tomei.

Soon after, I began writing a range of psychological non-fiction books that I call “self help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self help” – because they merge psychology with stylish graphics and feisty humor.

My first book of this kind was called “How To Be Happy Dammit” which became an instant bestseller, selling 350,000 copies. It’s been highly recommended on Oprah and Psychology Today (who each invited me to become a columnist).

I also work as a branding and marketing consultant for a wide variety of companies and entrepreneurs. I love to share my results-proven strategies to help brands and entrepreneurs to reach 6 to 7 figures!  Learn more here!

karen salmansohn

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