• Led By A Results-Proven Industry Leader
  • Monthly Payment Available
  • 2 LIVE 90 Minute Sessions Per Month
  • Led By A Results-Proven Industry Leader
  • 2 LIVE 90 Minute Sessions Per Month

Join my 4 Month MasterMind

Unleash your full money making potential NOW

with me - Karen Salmansohn - LIVE interactive calls - Sept - Dec 2023

  • Break Revenue Barriers: Learn my insider secrets to earning to 6-7 figures.
  • Go from Procrastination to Creation: Create & launch your products & services.
  • Grow followers, subscribers & traffic:  Learn how to attract & convert ideal buyers!
  • Snag over $2000 worth of bonuses: Get FREE access to my $499 "Make Profitable Courses Without The Overwhelm" program - plus other bonuses! More below!
  • Break Revenue Barriers: Learn my insider secrets to earning to 6-7 figures.
  • Go from Procrastination to Creation: Create & launch your products & services.
  • Grow followers, subscribers & traffic:  Learn how to attract & convert ideal buyers!


Only $999 for 4 months

Or explore a $249/month payment plan!

profitable online course testimonial

"Karen gave me strategies which quadrupled my course income - and doubled the SEO traffic to my website! At this point she's my number one go-to business consultant!"

– Kristine Carlson, Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Series

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If you're frustrated because you want to make more income, but have no idea how to get there, then you need this MasterMind!

I'll teach you everything you need to know to become a wildly successful entrepreneur!

As a bestselling author and successful entrepreneur with over 2 million books and courses sold,  and a social media following of 1.5 million fans, plus a subscriber list of 100K - I know firsthand what it takes to build and scale a profitable online business. 

And I want to help you do the same.

In this 4 month MasterMind I'll be there for YOU.. personally interacting with YOU - answering your questions, problem-solving, brainstorming, keeping you motivated and accountable.

Who is this MasterMind best suited for?

Whether you're starting out... or looking to take your existing business to the next level... I'm here to help you achieve your goals!

  • Are you a complete beginner ...or looking to elevate an established business?
  • Are you a coach, consultant, course creator, author, e-commerce store owner, or artist selling your unique creations?
  • Does your business revolve around selling products? Providing services? A blend of both?

If you relate to ANY of the above - this MasterMind is an exciting opportunity for you!

I'll show you step-by-step how to set up a consistent passive income stream - so you make money while you sleep! I will share all of my results-proven secrets for making more (and better!) offers - with ease (and confidence!) - so you generate more sales (with less work!).

You'll feel proud of your growth - and your positive impact on people!

Hurry! MasterMind starts soon!


Hurry! Only 2 spots left!

Seats limited to 20 people / group.

Need a Business Breakthrough? 

I'm here to help you!

When You Join my Mastermind...

You Join A Powerful income Accelerator!

  • Program Dates
  • 4-Month Program: September - December 2023
  • Your Membership Includes
  • Interactive Mastermind Sessions by Zoom - 2 LIVE 90 minute sessions per month
  • Access to the exact templates & copy I used to sell 2 million books and courses
  • Free Lifetime Access to my $499 "Make Profitable Courses Without The Overwhelm" Program (or snag any 1 of my 8 courses free!)
  • Free Access to my Private Instagram Power Group (value: $1999)
  • 40% off 1-on-1 Private Coaching (from Sept - Dec 2023)

Below are the dates!

 Only 2 seats remaining!

  • SOLD OUT - FRIDAY GROUP: Meets Friday's at 11am EST - the 2nd week and last week of each month: Sept 8, Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 27, Nov 10, Nov 17 (to avoid Thanksgiving), Dec 9, Dec 29
  • SOLD OUT! TUESDAY GROUP: Meets Tuesdays at 8:30 pm EST - the 2nd week and last week of each month: Sept 12 , Sept 26, Oct 10, Oct 31, Nov 14, Nov, 28, Dec 12, Dec 19 (to avoid Christmas!)

Only $999 for 4 months!

Or explore a $249/month payment plan!

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WHY So Many Students LOVE this MasterMind...

Even MORE Student Testimonials Below!

The possibilities for your business are endless when you have the right support!

I am just starting out - with a new website - and thanks to Karen and the training in her Make Profitable Courses Program - I was able to earn over $8000 in my first course launch. First I learned Karen's tips to create a high converting lead magnet - which quickly brought me 200 new subscribers in 2 weeks. Next, I learned how to create a high converting sales page. Also...Karen's emailing tips were especially helpful at converting subscribers to sales. Thanks to all of this I earned $8000 in my course launch. Plus wound up earning 6K in my first year! I now feel confident that as I grow my list and marketing tools - that I will continue to scale my business. I'm on my way to move to 7 figures next year!

Josselyne Herman Saccio

jennifer hill

Jennifer Hill

With Karen's MasterMind I learned success isn’t about luck... but strategy. Karen not only boosted my business and income with 6+ figure results... she boosted my confidence too!

 Join the MasterMind now! SOLD OUT!

I have a successful podcast, and I figured I could do well with a course. But I didn't know how to create a course, write a sales page or market it. Thanks to Karen's Make Profitable Courses Program, I earned $4200 in revenue - on my Beta Launch of my very first course - to a very limited audience - in just a few quick months. Now that I've validated my course, I'm set up to launch it as an "evergreen course" to a wider audience - and earn even more consistent income each month! I can see how courses can add to my product suite and I feel confident in my ability to create more... helping more people ... and creating consistent income too!

Molly Watts

Recommended by Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Tim Ferriss, Marie Forleo..

Here's the beauty of this MasterMind...

  • You get to work directly with me - at a fraction of the price of my 1-on-1 consulting.

Each session I put people on the "Hot Throne."

  • I was going to call this the Hot Seat - but that sounded too scary!
  • And truly... a "Hot Throne" is more what it feels like.
  • I give you my loving 1-on-1 attention - answering your questions and brainstorming solutions.

You'll have direct access to my personal insights and decades of experience in building and scaling a profitable online business - selling over 2 million books and courses - and attracting over 1.5 million followers and a newsletter list of about 100K readers.

I'll be right there with you...

  • brainstorming, problem-solving, keeping you motivated, and holding you accountable - so you can create a profitable business you love!

The process...

  • Day one in the MasterMind, you'll be birthing your 6 to 7 figure idea with me.
  • Fast-forward 4 months, and you'll have your system for a passive income stream.
  • And a year from now? You're living the life you've only dreamed of!

Here's why experts respect & recommend me!

If you're not happy with what you're getting, maybe you need a whole new plan. Karen Salmansohn offers you one. Start now!

Seth Godin

NY Times Best Selling Author, Linchpin

Karen Salmansohn is a big brain in high heels.

Goldie Hawn

Actress and Founder of The Hawn Foundation

Karen Salmansohn has the wit and sass of a stand up comic.

Jon Stewart

Comedian, Former Host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show

Karen Salmansohn is the high priestess of great attitude!

Marshall Goldsmith

NYTimes Best Selling Author, What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Karen Salmansohn offers street-smart life lessons usually learned the hard way.

Keith Ferrazzi

NYTimes Best Selling Author, Never Eat Alone

Salmansohn reminds us that in life, control is just an illusion and that we are in charge of our own destiny. This funny, profound and heartfelt collection demonstrates that when faced with adversity, we have the power to overcome through gratitude, humor and courage.

Anthony Robbins

NY Times Best Selling Author, Awaken the Giant Within

Karen Salmansohn is wildly creative and highly innovative – a creative genius of sorts.

Tony Hsieh

Founder of Zappos

Karen Salmansohn is a creative force of nature. I love her insights and relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. Her smart sense of humor and unusual metaphors make changing your life not only do-able but, totally fun. I simply adore her!

Marie Forleo

Best Selling Author

This book is full of psychological research studies to help you not only recover from the tough times, but also bounce back to an even higher level than your previous bests.

Tim Ferriss

NYTimes Best Selling Author of the 4-Hour Workweek

Just picking up this engaging book boosted my spirits. Not only does The Bounce Back Book pack a library's worth of proven insights into one slim volume, it presents that information in a hilarious way, with eye-catching graphics, to drive its wisdom home. For anyone mired in the dumps – or who just wants to live more joyfully! – this is essential reading.

Gretchen Rubin

NYTimes Best Selling Author, The Happiness Project

Karen Salmansohn merges psychology and cutting-edge research with her unique feisty humor to empower you to push through limiting beliefs and zoom towards your goals! She's a rockstar at igniting your sense of what's possible, then sharing the tools to get you there.

Jonathan Fields

Entrepreneur, Author Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance

Karen Salmansohn's writing is bold, playful, insightful with powerful metaphors that provoke and inspire. In The Bounce Back Book, her kinetic images amplify her message and take the book to a new level of literary experience.

Deepak Chopra


When You Join My Mastermind - You Join the 24/7 Cash Club!

Quick story:

A few years back, I caught the Godzilla of flus.

I was half-human, half-creature from the Flu Lagoon.

My voice sounded like I'd been gargling sandpaper and rusty nails for fun.

You might say, "Karen, that sounds awful!"

And you'd be correct.

But here's the twisted, kinda-awesome part:

Even as my body was falling apart... my business was humming along - making lots of passive income.

At the end of that germ-infested, sweat-soaked week... I checked the numbers:

$12,426 earned - without me doing a thing.

Yep, that's right.

My virus-addled, bedridden self was earning like a boss... thanks to my passive income strategies!

And I'm inviting you to steal ALL my passive income secrets!

karen salmansohn brand identity consultant

Learn How To
Earn 6 - 7 Figures

From Someone Who's Sold
Over 2 Million Books And Courses!

  • 4-Month Program: 2nd week in Sept to Dec 2023
  • Interactive Mastermind Sessions by Zoom - 2 LIVE sessions per month
  • A Roadmap to $10K-$30K per month income

Join my MasterMind...
A Powerful Income Accelerator!

Only $999 for 4 months!

or $249/month with payment plan!

Enroll now & grab over $2000 worth of Bonuses!



Course Bonus

FREE access to my $499 "Make Profitable Courses Without The Overwhelm"  (Or choose any course!)



40% off 1-on-1 coaching 

During this 4 month MasterMind! Pay only $300/hour - instead of $500/hour from Sept - Dec 2023!



FREE VIP Membership to an Instagram Power Group

Gain 1 year VIP access to an Instagram power group community + me!
Yes, I will be there to answer questions and offer insights!

You don't need to face challenges alone!



Choose Which Day Works Best - Only 2 Seats Remaining!

  • SOLD OUT! FRIDAY GROUP: Meets Friday's at 11am EST - the 2nd week and last week of each month: Sept 8, Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 27, Nov 10, Nov 17 (to avoid Thanksgiving), Dec 9, Dec 29
  • SOLD OUT! TUESDAY GROUP: Meets Tuesdays at 8:30 pm EST - the 2nd week and last week of each month: Sept 12 , Sept 26, Oct 10, Oct 31, Nov 14, Nov, 28, Dec 12, Dec 19 (to avoid Christmas!)

Some of The Good Stuff We'll Be Turning Into Amazing Stuff

Transform your business with my proven strategies - starting the 2nd week in Sept!

  • Scalable Growth

Feeling stuck with stagnant revenue? I'm here to guide you to break through those barriers and scale your business to 6 and 7 figures!

  • Sales Conversion

Let's turn your visitors into loyal customers with compelling sales pages that attract and convert.

  • Idea Realization

Dreams stuck on snooze? Together, we'll bring those big ideas to life as tangible products or services.

  • Content Creation

Let me show you how to make your content not just speak, but sing. From written words to videos, I'm here to help you become an authority in your space.

  • Traffic Secrets

Struggling to get noticed? I'll unveil the secrets to driving traffic to your site, with insider tips on SEO mastery, networking with influencers, getting PR/Media attention - and more!

  • Leads & List Building, Email Mastery

Struggling to capture leads and nurture relationships? Together, we'll grow your list by designing irresistible lead magnets & building engaging email funnels.

  • Tech Mastery

Say goodbye to tech headaches! I'll walk you through the essential tools that make online business a breeze.

  • Clear Direction

Confusion begone! We'll craft a focused and strategic plan to steer your business in the right direction.

  • Brand Authenticity

Your brand should be as unique as you are. Let's work together to create a voice that’s truly yours.

  • Profit Focus

Working hard without seeing profits? I will help you to find BOTH those blind spots & sweet spot opportunities.

  • Social Media Building

Ready to rally your tribe? Let's breathe new life into your social media and create a community that cares.

  • Empowered Mindset

As a leading Mindset Coach, I'll guide you through overcoming fears and embracing success.

  • Time Management

Overwhelm is so yesterday. We'll fine-tune your schedule for success.

  • Marketing Mastery

I'm here to help you draw in your ideal buyers with strategies that resonate.

  • Pricing Strategy

Let's craft a pricing strategy that feels right, profitable, and fair to you and your customers.

  • Networking Skills

Connecting with the right people can skyrocket your business. Let's expand your reach together.

  • Burnout Prevention

Your business shouldn't run you ragged. Let's fuel success sustainably.

  • Vision Fulfillment

That big vision in your head? It's time to make it a reality with this MasterMind.

And even MORE MasterMind Testimonials...

... from students who are either starting fresh...

or trying to scale their existing business to the next level.

I have been an admirer of Karen’s work for many years, first as an author and then as a super positive and inspiring thought leader and business coach. I decided to go all in and hire her. Well, Karen is nothing short of BRILLIANT – all caps intentional! Honestly, Karen’s dedication to my success as well as her pure genius just blew me away. We took action steps right away to take my coaching and education business through the roof. She gave me pages and pages of suggestions, tips, actionable advice, and valuable insights for me to absorb and implement. She also helped me write website copy that is passionate and full of life that speaks directly to my audience. I would recommend working with Karen to anyone who is truly serious about taking their business to the next level. She is an absolutely amazing business and marketing expert! Just awesome!

Kitty Chamblis, Founder, “Loving Without Boundaries”


Starts soon!

Let's get this straight:

You've got the potential to build the exact life you want.

You just need the results-proven tools and hand-holding support.

You just need to stay on track - when life tries to pull you back into old thoughts & habits.

That's where my MasterMind steps in.

That's why I built this for you - for FUTURE you!

  • the FUTURE you – who is looking out at the beautiful outdoor view, from your comfortable home, bills paid on time, and a healthy savings account that lets you sleep peacefully at night.
  • the FUTURE you – sipping a coffee, watching the kids working on their new computer you just bought,  paid for with ease. No more penny-pinching - there's a college fund in motion, family vacations on the horizon, and that kitchen remodel you've been dreaming of.
  • the FUTURE you - who is lounging on a sun-kissed beach, laptop beside you, watching those passive income notifications ping while you decide whether today's calls will be poolside or aboard your boat.

The person you want to be and the lifestyle you want to live IS possible.

But you have to take the first step.

Hurry! My MasterMind starts the 2nd week in Sept & goes to Dec!



Choose which Day & Time Works Best! Only 2 Seats Left!

  • SOLD OUT! FRIDAY GROUP: Meets Friday's at 11am EST - the 2nd week and last week of each month: Sept 8, Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 27, Nov 10, Nov 17 (to avoid Thanksgiving), Dec 9, Dec 29
  • SOLD OUT! TUESDAY GROUP: Meets Tuesdays at 8:30 pm EST - the 2nd week and last week of each month: Sept 12 , Sept 26, Oct 10, Oct 31, Nov 14, Nov, 28, Dec 12, Dec 19 (to avoid Christmas!)

Enjoy 90-minute interactive sessions - twice a month - in a cozy Zoom group of 10 - 20 supportive and friendly fellow entrepreneurs.

Only $999 total for 4 months! 

Or explore a $249/month payment plan!

What entrepreneurs, coaches, authors & students of all kind say...

I loved the valuable sales page tips and course shaping suggestions you shared about the course I want to create... which you explained step by step to me when we were on the Zoom Group Coaching Call. I really appreciate your encouragement and insights a lot. Thanks for being someone who goes the extra mile helping people!

Camille Virginia

I recently had a one-on-one Zoom session with Karen Salmansohn for her Insider Secrets Consultation. I am in the process of building my new business and the information she provided was extremely helpful and valuable. The consultation and her advice provided me with some clear direction. I would have been way off base had I not talked to Karen first. Karen was down to earth, knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all my questions. I am grateful I decided to do the consultation and highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to build their online presence.

Patricia Brooks, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Thank you Karen for alerting me to the many blindspots I had in marketing my courses which were costing me money. You clearly pointed out a range of money making opportunities for my courses. I'm grateful and speechless. Everything you explained made so much sense. I wish I had come to you sooner.

Dr. Annie Kaszina, Women's Abuse Recovery Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Success Fuel MasterMind, and how can it help me?

Great question! The Success Fuel MasterMind is a 4-month LIVE Zoom program - where we meet up twice a month - to work together, turning your dreams into actionable business strategies. Whether it's scaling your business, content creation, or overcoming tech hurdles, this MasterMind is designed to give you the tools, connections, and mindset you need to succeed.

How is the content of the MasterMind delivered, and what kind of support can I expect?

The Success Fuel MasterMind is delivered through a mix of live Zoom sessions, recorded content, engaging exercises, and one-on-one feedback. All Zoom sessions are recorded and stored in a video library that you have lifetime and 24/7 access to! But that's not all – you'll also have access to a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs and direct communication with me. Together, we'll navigate the path to success, ensuring that you never feel alone or stuck in your journey. It's all about collaboration, connection, and real, tangible progress!

How much time will I need to dedicate to the program?

I know you're busy, and that's why the MasterMind is structured to fit into your life. We meet twice a month - for 90 minutes. Plus I'm happy to stay on sometimes for 2 hours - if students need extra support. In between sessions, I encourage students to connecting with fellow entrepreneurs in the group - as accountability buddies. Remember, the more you put in, the more you get out!

What makes this MasterMind different from other programs out there?

What sets Success Fuel MasterMind apart is the personalized attention, community engagement, and the breadth of topics covered. I wear many hats as an entrepreneur - writing, designing, doing SEO, creating courses, lead magnets, email funnels, social media posts - the whole enchilada! Plus I'm a recognized leading Mindset Coach. So I have a wide range of experience and insider secrets to share - to empower you to create a consistently thriving business!

What if I can't attend one of the live sessions?

No worries at all! All live sessions will be recorded. You can send me an email with your questions - and I can answer it on the call! And then - you can watch the recording at your convenience. You won't miss a thing!

How does the payment plan work?

To make this MasterMind accessible, there are various payment options available. Paypal or credit card. Plus you have a choice of monthly payments - or pay in full and save an additional 20% off. Plus there's a PayPal credit opportunity - with 0% APR. Choose the payment system that suits you best, and let's get started on this exciting journey together!

I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

I'd love to hear from you! If you have more questions, feel free to set up a 15 minute consult with me on Zoom HERE. Let's chat about how the Success Fuel MasterMind can ignite your business's potential.

Hurry! This 4 Month MasterMind Starts Soon!

Only $999 for 4 months! Or explore a $249/month payment plan!

Go from stuck and confused - to becoming a leader in your field!

Enjoy more freedom, income, and impact.
You’re capable of so much more than you know. You’ve got this!

 With my support you can create an online course or service at $249!

Then all you need is 3 students (only 3!) and you get you your investment back in this MasterMind. 

Then, it's all gravy.

Plus, the beauty of this beast is that it keeps on giving.

After you create one online course/service/product - it can generate cash for years!

Join my 4 Month MasterMind (starts 2nd week of Sept & goes to Dec)
Get Personalized Coaching & Support in a Small Group

Only $999 total for 4 months! 

Or explore a $249/month payment plan!

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