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Forgiveness is possible. And it is essential to your happiness as well as your physical health.

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Master anger, bitterness, regret and stress with Masters In Life digital courses.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally let go of all the heavy emotional weight of hate! Maybe you’ve already tried – but can’t figure out how to truly forgive and forget.

I’ve developed a series of powerful forgiveness philosophies and research-based actionable tools which have already helped thousands of people to let go of the pain of their past – and find inner peace and emotional freedom.

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Get to where you want to be in your life faster than you ever thought possible!

Get easy to follow step-by-step tools which will empower you to finally heal old, lingering wounds – whether it be childhood pain, broken relationships, toxic friendships – or failures and disappointments of all kinds. Regain the power and enjoy more happiness!

What you can expect to Master

  • how to cut the “emotional cord connection” that keeps hate alive
  • what forgiveness actually is (note: it might not be what you think!)
  • how to move through old stories and turn your tale of woe into a tale of wow
  • how blame and share are a dangerous duo
  • why self-forgiveness is just as important as forgiving your offender
  • how to deal with toxic people in your present
  • how to stop reacting in the same old ways when people harm you
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Forgive the seemingly unforgivable.

Masters In Life

If you are a busy human – you will love Masters In Life.

Online courses.

We offer a range of easy-to-follow step-by-step training courses – specifically created to give you both the knowledge you want – and the results you need!

Access from anywhere.

You'll enjoy a fun combo of videos, audio, PDFs, and more – which you can access on most computers, tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

Quick and convenient.

All of our digital courses are created to be consumed quickly – with a series of short bursts of info – anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes long.

Zero pressure.

Plus, Masters In Life course are all self-paced. You can begin listening today – and indefinite access. There are no time limits you need to follow. Pick up where you left off – and take as long as you like!

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Masters In Life Courses are loved by many!

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A whole new plan

If you're not happy with what you're getting, maybe you need a whole new plan. Karen Salmansohn offers you one. Start now!


Sass and shine

Salmansohn's got sass and shine! Her work sparks people to wake up, and at the same time, gives the comfort of perennial wisdom – such a divine combo. Sass and shine, in the best package!

Danielle LaPorte Creator of WhiteHotTruth.com

We are in charge of our own destiny

Salmansohn reminds us that in life, control is just an illusion and that we are in charge of our own destiny. This funny, profound and heartfelt collection demonstrates that when faced with adversity, we have the power to overcome through gratitude, humor and courage.


Expert on psychological research studies

This book is full of psychological research studies to help you not only recover from the tough times, but also bounce back to an even higher level than your previous bests.


A library's worth of proven insights

Just picking up this engaging book boosted my spirits. Not only does The Bounce Back Book pack a library's worth of proven insights into one slim volume, it presents that information in a hilarious way, with eye-catching graphics, to drive its wisdom home. For anyone mired in the dumps – or who just wants to live more joyfully! – this is essential reading.

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Lose the weight of hate.

Gain inner peace.

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