3 Simple Tools to Stop Binge Eating

from the bestselling online course: "Stop Emotional Eating"

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Do you sometimes struggle with overeating? Here’s an unusual research study which explains the root cause of binge eating - and shares 3 tools to master uncontrollable cravings, food triggers, and emotional eating binges.

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Learn how to stop binge eating when you’re stressed, angry, bored, or depressed. Enjoy a more peaceful relationship with food – whether you’re trying to lose 10 pounds, 35 pounds, or over 100 pounds.

Students Love this Stop Emotional Eating Course

Thanks to this course, I no longer have the non-stop cravings and fixation on food I used to experience. I finally found a way to break free from my bondage to food. Sure enough, after a few weeks, people started to compliment me - did you lose weight? Highly recommend.

Bonnie W. - New York

I used to binge eat sugary foods and processed foods - especially late at night. After using the tools in this course, I now no longer crave those foods. I even look at them with a bit of disgust!

Lia S. - Brooklyn

Before this Stop Emotional Eating program, I was binging a few times per week for YEARS. In only 1 month of doing Karen’s course, I’ve been able to significantly change this behavior. I’ve been able to identify my triggers and the real feelings underneath. Thank you, Karen!

Gayle - Pittsburgh

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