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4 Bedtime Habits To Help You Lose Weight

Trying to slim down and healthy up? Good for you! I’d love to support you in your healthy weight loss goals! Here are 4 bedtime habits to help you lose weight!  If you are eager to master your cravings and […]

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Lose Weight Faster With This Small Mental Tweak

OK, so you’ve set a goal to lose a specific amount of weight. You keep dreaming about your scale hitting that goal number. Guess what? Two recent research studies each say that you shouldn’t focus too much on your goal of losing […]

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How & Why To Stop Eating Comfort Food [Research]

As you might know, I’m a recovered emotional eater (and founder of a video program to help people). I’ve personally found that “comfort food” is a big myth. I’ve yet to meet a food which can truly comfort the root of painful […]

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How and Why To Stop Sugar Addiction

As you might already know, I’m a late in life mom- and on a mission to live to 100. I wrote a longevity book called LIFE IS LONG – which is loaded up with cutting edge knowledge about how to […]

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Diet Tips: Why You Should Keep A Food Journal

Want to know an easy exercise you can do while lounging on the sofa – researched to melt off the pounds? Keep a food journal! According to Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, women who write down what they […]

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