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12 Reminders to Help You Face Life’s Challenges

Remember…even when everything seems to have fallen apart, you still have choices! You still have new ways to think about your challenges – as well as new paths to take! Make sure you’re not simply obsessing over what’s going wrong – […]

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8 Powerful Resiliency Tools To Stay Mentally Strong

Some people make it through tough times, and bounce back stronger. Be one of those people with these 8 powerful resiliency tools to stay mentally strong. Feeling stressed, depressed, pissed off and/or pissed on? No worries! Below are 8 resiliency […]

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A quote about the answer to most problems …

Love is a powerful force. The answer to most problems is to love yourself more. Or ask yourself what love would do. Karen Salmansohn   Boost your confidence – and your wardrobe! Check out my inspirational jewelry – now on […]

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