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20 Mood Boosting Quotes For When You Feel Stuck

Here are 20 mood boosting quotes for when you feel stuck –  to uplift your spirit. (Psssst…If you’re new to my work, hi there! I’m both a bestselling author and award winning designer. I love to create inspiring quote posters and books […]

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How To Raise Kids Who Are Resilient People

If you’re a parent, you want to raise kids who are resilient people. Here are helpful tools and motivating words to use with your children to inspire them to stay strong and keep going. Read on… There are many ways […]

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The Number One Predictor of Happiness [Research]

Guess what’s been reported to be the number one contributor to happiness? Money? No. Good looks? Nope. Popularity? Still nope. A hot sex life? Guess again! According to a report by The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, all these […]

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The Importance of Friends During Challenging Times

Going through challenging times? You need to recognize the importance of friends – and reach out for support. Here’s why… According to my favorite Greek philosopher Aristotle, we humans are biologically social animals. Our first nature is to be around […]

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