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20 Mood Boosting Quotes For When You Feel Stuck

Here are 20 mood boosting quotes for when you feel stuck –  to uplift your spirit. Feeling challenged by an unhealthy love relationship?  Click here for helpful tools to heal your heart. Feeling anxious and thereby binge eating? Click here for helpful tools to stop […]

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How To Raise Kids Who Are Resilient People

Want to raise kids who are resilient people? Read on… There are many ways to say “I love you” – without actually uttering those 3 small-but-mighty words. Below are my 6 favorite alternatives – which also double-duty as “Resiliency Tools ” for […]

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8 Powerful Resiliency Tools To Stay Mentally Strong

Some people make it through tough times, and bounce back stronger. Be one of those people with these 8 powerful resiliency tools to stay mentally strong. Feeling stressed, depressed, pissed off and/or pissed on? No worries! Below are 8 resiliency […]

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The Number One Predictor of Happiness [Research]

Guess what’s been reported to be the number one contributor to happiness? Money? No. Good looks? Nope. Popularity? Still nope. A hot sex life? Guess again! According to a report by The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, all these […]

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